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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Albert Scanlon Hit's Out At Ronaldo

MUNICH survivor Albert Scanlon has slammed United 'slave'
Cristiano Ronaldo - branding him 'a silly boy'.

Albert, who was one of the original Busby Babes hit out at the
£120,000-a-week Portugese 'star' after he backed FIFA president
Sepp Blatter's claim he had been treated like a slave by the Reds.

Albert is 72 years old now. He gains nothing from saying things
like this. So for him to feel it necessary to comment like this
kind of makes it hit home a little bit more than the rubbish we hear
about in the press. At his home in Salford where he has lived all his
life, Albert said Ronaldo's comments showed he was `naive' and
claimed he `lacked maturity'. At his peak Albert earned £25 a week !!

As reported by The Manchester Evening News Albert went on to say:

"He's not a slave is he? He is a silly boy. Who in their right mind would think that? He never has been - and if he
was I wouldn't have minded being in the same boat."

Ronaldo's future has been subject to a lot of speculation over the summer.

Real Madrid have continually stated their interest in him. He too has said it would be his dream to play for
them. I think Real Madrid need to learn a bit more about maturity and good manners too. For a club of their
stature and standing to behave the way they have is a disgrace !!

Ronaldo has four years of his contract to run and United have stood firm - prompting Blatter's outburst.

When asked about Ronaldo's `predicament' Blatter sparked fury by claiming: "In modern football there's
too much slavery."

And responding to the outburst in Portugal, Ronaldo said: "I completely agree with the president of FIFA."

Scanlon, who fractured his skull in the 1958 air disaster, tips Ronaldo to stay, but laughed off the claims
of the Portugese maestro.

"I've met him and he's a nice lad," he said. "But he's easily led and it looks like he's jumping on the
bandwagon by
agreeing with what headmaster Blatter has said."

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to forget HE DID HAVE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO CHOOSE WHO HE

He wasn't forced to sign it and he was reported as saying to the press at the time he was happy
at United.

You have a contract Mr Ronaldo and you signed it !!

You ARE obliged to HONOUR it.

Now shut up and get on with it !!


ManUtd19 said...

I didn't even know this guy existed, but he's awesome. Spot on with his comments. Ronaldo's just being a tosser by not committing to United. He signed a new contact just last year and didn't even put a transfer request in before this season closed. Does he think he's above the system? Even if Ronaldo spends the rest of his career at United, he'll never be a legend now.

Anonymous said...

why every body wants ronaldo to stay
**** off ronaldo please