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Monday, 27 April 2009

From Salford To Tucson And Back Again

From Salford To Tucson And Back Again
By: Robert Carter

The Memories of a Globetrotting Manchester United Fan Provide
An Emotional Roller coaster of a book.

This diehard supporter bases his book on experience, passion,
hopes and fears and reminds us all why we love football.

As a supporter of Manchester United, Robert Carter has seen it
all. He has witnessed the highs, the lows, the false dawns; and
more recently, the unprecedented success of his beloved team.

He has watched the DVD’s, read the autobiographies and studied
the history, but something was missing. He couldn’t find a book
that shared the experiences of the supporter from the terraces.
A book that reminded him why he started to support United in the
first place, and why he still supports them almost five decades

The only solution was to write the book himself.

‘From Salford to Tucson and Back Again’ is the result of almost
fifty years of supporting the Red Devils. It takes us from a
bygone age of terracing and camaraderie to the faceless exper-
ience of the modern football stadium.

It starts in the aftermath of the Munich Air Disaster, takes us
through the glory days of the swinging sixties and then the long
barren years before returning to glory in the early nineties.

Born in Davyhulme near Manchester, Carter spent his early years
in Swinton, near Salford. He has lived and travelled all over the
world, before settling back into his native Manchester in January 2008.

Wherever his travels took him, Manchester United was always close
to his heart. Read about a close encounter with the police in Bangkok,
how United's results affected his own playing style and about the
devotion of following the red devils through thick and thin. On a
famous day in May 1999, while United were winning the treble, this
devotion almost cost him his life.

For fan or foe, the Manchester United story is one of highs and lows,
of excitement, adventure and legends. ‘From Salford to Tucson and
Back Again’ is told through the eyes of an ordinary supporter. It is
not the autobiography of a player yet to reach his prime, or one that
will never be anywhere near as good as his ego lets him believe. It is
not written by a journalist, or anybody with an insider view. All the
stories are true, some joyous and some painful. Like every other United
fan that Carter knows, he lives and breathes football. He cries when
they win and he cries even louder when they lose.


Robert Carter is an author, poet, motivational speaker and wannabe rock
singer. He has visited more than thirty countries on business and led
sales campaigns to around $2.5 billion in new business.

His first book, The Balanced Innovator, Turning Ideas into Reality has
helped individuals and organizations to achieve increased productivity
while improving the process of innovation. He has been the keynote speaker
at dozens of conferences on innovation and is an after dinner speaker.

Robert began his education at Mossfield Infants and Primary School in
Swinton; and at Wardley Grammar school where he attained 8 O’ Level
GCE’s. He also attended North Trafford College and Manchester Metropolitan
University (when it was still called a Poly) before completing his
education with a MBA at the University of Hertford.

He is also a Manchester United fan and his new book, From Salford to Tucson
and Back Again, the Globetrotting Memoirs of a Manchester United Fanatic
is now available from:

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1 comment:

Robert Carter said...

This book can be thought of as an unofficial history of Manchester United, through the eyes of a supporter who also happens to be a writer. It is written in conversational style and suitable for all age-groups. If you want an easy to read informative way to learn about the worl
ds most popular team, this is the book for you.