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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sir Bobby Charlton Gets Award From UEFA

sir bobby charlton manchester united old traffordSir Bobby Charlton has been awarded a "UEFA Presidents Award"for his contribution to European football and will be presented with it before Manchester United take on Arsenal in their Champions League semi-final tonight.

UEFA president Michel Platini will hand the award to Charlton in a ceremony at lunchtime at Old Trafford.

Charlton played for United from 1953 until 1973, was named European Footballer of the Year in 1966 and was a member of the United team that won the European Cup in 1968. He also played 106 times for England winning the World Cup in 1966 and still holds his country's international scoring record with 49 goals.

Platini said in a statement: "Sir Bobby represents everything that is good about the game of football; fair play, respect, and true loyalty and he is a good example for future generations, both on and off the pitch."

Oooh how that must pain Platini. He spends his life annoying United and having his little digs as and when he can fit them in.

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Rite$h said...

Oouh Platini's heart must be in pain when he gave him that award. SBC has been an exemplary servant to the club, and deserves the award, but don't think Platini will start to love United, he still hates English teams, and United is no exception. The United team added to the celebrations with a 1-0 win over arsenal, but still way to go to the finals, a draw in london next week will definitely see us thru

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Ulrik Fredrik said...

Been a while since a post Carly.

Hope to see more posts from you soon.

Gift Blogger said...

Fantastic blog for everything Manchester United. Keep up the good work. x

Martin said...

Carly, Carly, Carly, where are you? - we're Champions!!!