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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Buy LiverpoolOn EBay

This caused me to laugh so much I almost choked ...

Scroll down to read the 'Description Of Item'.

Click to buy Liverpool on EBay

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The Steven Gerrard School Of Fair Play

Click the picture below to see an invaluable free lesson
from Mr Steven Gerrard on the methods he uses to
ensure fair play abounds.

In his capacity as the captain of his team, we all know
he does his utmost not to be seen cheating as he is a
hero to so many kids who will copy what he does !

We salute you Gerrard for the example you set !

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Alexis Sanchez

Who is Alexis Sanchez ?

United made a 'significant' bid for him.

So I figured out he must be something special.

Many people asked me about him so I did some checking.

This is what I got.

What do you think ?

(Click pics to enlarge)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Berbatov Or Some Average Joe From Holland ?

I've been following this issue about Berbatov and Huntelaar with
much interest and to be honest I can't believe half of what I read
from some United fans !!!!

How can anybody ever mention the name of this run of the mill Dutch
guy in the same sentence as the great Dimitar Berbatov is beyond
me !!! Forget all this nonsensical arguing about the age difference
- the gap is 27 months and means nothing !! If it was 5 or 6 years
then yes, I agree, take youth. But a couple of years ? Irrelevant !!

The so-called 'need' for an 'out-and-out' striker is rubbish !!

United don't need a striker like this and I hope we never do. We have
two short fat blokes up front and a Portugese guy who does more
tricks than Flipper the Dolphin, and we scored 261 goals in 2 years,
won the Premier League twice, reached a Cup Final, oh yes, we became
Champions of Europe too !!!!!!!!! Nobody else in the league gets even
remotely near that record and now, suddenly we need an 'out-and-out'
striker ???? Come on - please - keep it real folks.

So what do people base this 'love' for Huntelaar on ? None of us has
seen him play much in the UK because the Dutch League is just not good
enough to be shown here frankly. It must be down to the videos made
by the fans of Huntelaar,who,in my opinion,are very unlikely to show
any bad bits to his game !!

We didn't get to see much of him at Euro 2008 either, simply because
they didn't need him and didn't use him ! He got a 'run out' against
Romania that's all. I love Romania with all my heart and will never
say a bad word about them, but I know they are far from World Class.
So the fact he scored against them means little to me in this discu-
ssion. For most of the game against Romania our guys had him in their
back pocket, he couldn't do a thing. He also played our guys in one
of the qualifying games for Euro 2008 and the same story, Romania
owned him, big time !!!

Some have mentioned his 'remarkable' international goal scoring rep-
utation too. I class his record as adequate at best. What has he done,
8 goals in 13 games or something like this. Which on paper does look
good. Impressive even. Until you look at the individual games them-
selves and then it looks mediocre. Six of the 8 goals came in friend-
lies to start with. Just like 11 of the 13 caps he owns, they too
are from friendlies. He scored against Rep Ireland twice, Croatia,
Slovenia, Austria, Ukraine and Romania. Croatia apart, these are
hardly future World Cup winners !

In short, he has 2 'real' caps at the age of 24. Big deal !

Maybe at club level Huntelaar will look much better ?

Sadly, that's not true either.

From the age of 10 he played at "v.v. H. en K" (football club Hummelo
and Keppel).

De Graafschap scouted him and he signed for them in '94. He played
for the 'C' team there and PSV signed him in 2000. He lasted one season
there and made one appearance as substitute ! He was dispatched back
to De Graafschap on loan. He appeared 9 times for them and scored zero,
so they too sent him away on loan to AGOVV Apeldoorn. This was in the
'second division' where he did well with 26 goals in 35 games. Very
dubious opposition indeed !

He signed permanently for Heerenveen after this. Against teams such
as Roda, Breda, Utrecht, FC Den Bosch, Roosendaal and Willem II Tilburg
(Whoever they might be) he scored 17 in 31 apps.

He has Champions League experience. Ajax being knocked out in the 3rd
Qualifying Round on both occasions in 2006 and 2007.

So what about Berbatovs career I hear you all asking.

His first two teams were the same two his father actually played for.
Starting with Pirin Blagoevgrad where he played one season. Scoring 36
goals in 27 appearances, he soon got 'spotted'. The biggest team by far
in Bulgaria, CSKA Sofia signed him. In his first season there he managed
14 goals in 27 games. In the first half of his second season he bagged
9 in 11 games but Bayer Leverkusen stepped in and grabbed the young star.

Now he was in the big time !!

He got Champions League chances with Leverkusen and the first two games
he played at this level he scored a memorable solo goal against Lyon,
and another beauty against Liverpool. He then played the last hour of
the Champions League Final against Real Madrid.

Leverkusen came second in the league and the cup too. Berba got 16
goals in 24 apps. In the next 2 years he amassed 46 more goals, inc-
luding 6 in the Champs League.

Since 2004 I prayed someone from United would spot him and sign him.
Spurs got there first though. There are so many great talents in East-
ern Europe - like Dorin Goian (Sign him Fergie !!!!) - but they slip
through the net. On his debut for them he scored 2 goals in 2 minutes
in a pre-season match. On his full debut he scored after 2 minutes !!!
Hi ... my name's Berbatov, Dimitar Berbatov !!!! Last year he got 12
goals in 33 games in the league with 11 assists. In the UEFA Cup he
got 4 goals in 5 games !!!! Then people have the raw nerve and the
cheek to compare him with this Dutch character. The Dutch character
who no one had heard of until he was 20 years old. The same character
who was never linked to a big team as a youngster.

This guy Huntelaar has only just found his feet at the age of 24
- and that's only in the Dutch League !!! He has a long, long, long
way to go before he reaches Berbatov's level !!! Will he make it in
the Premier League ? Will he make it into our team ? Will he make it
in the Champs League ? Will he fit in ? Will he get home sick ? Will
he have the drive and determination to succeed ? Will United have the
patience to wait for him to do well ? Will the pressure of a big money
move to the worlds biggest club be too much for him ? ......the quest-
ions are endless ! Some say to pay £15m is OK. Some say £20m is OK,
and one even told me £25m is good, so we can sign him. I'm sorry but
that's ridiculous - I feel anything over £10m is a waste of time and
money. A more realistic figure would be £8m but in these days of over
inflation with the prices then yes £10m maximum !!

Dimitar Berbatov has ALL the credentials. Every move he has made has
been 'forward' and 'upward'. Unlike Huntelaar he has never back track-
ed and struggled to find a 'niche' for himself. He has 46 Inter-
nationals with 28 goals under his belt. He has Champions League exper-
ience - scoring plenty of goals on the biggest stage in the world at
club level - and appeared in the Final too !! He is established in the
EPL, he can score in the EPL, he can hold his own against the best of
them, and come out on top quite a few times. He has appeared in the FA
Cup Final. He has appeared in the Carling Cup Final !!!

So how much ? £30m is too much some say. £35m is too much others say.
£35m is what I would pay without even questioning it. One Champions
League win is £50m. He will be instrumental in getting us there again
for win number 4 !!!

So I say again :How can anybody ever mention the name of this "run of
the mill" Dutch guy in the same sentence as the great Dimitar Berbatov ?

I've waited nearly four years now for Berbatov to be in a United shirt
and it's so close now I can almost touch it !!! If we sign Huntelaar
I will be devestated !!! We haven't seen the best of Berba, nowhere near.
But when we do, you will all look at each other in dismay and say "What-
ever happened to that Dutch guy we nearly signed ?". Eric Cantona is the
best player we have ever had since 'The Babes' but Dimitar Berbatov could
even out strip The King.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

And Now Tevez Joins In !

I am a great fan of the theory that if there is a problem going
on, and you're not involved, keep a low profile. Say nothing. It's the best policy.

So imagine my dismay when I read about Carlos Tevez and his contribution to the 'never-ending'
Cristiano Ronaldo epic.

I would have expected a touch of loyalty from him, if not, then steer clear of the whole issue.

Carlos Tevez believes Cristiano Ronaldo should be granted his wish to play for Real Madrid. Our
Argentina striker says the Premier League champions should not stand in Ronaldo's way if he
asks for a move to Madrid.

"It is clear he is a very important player for us but this is a personal decision, which is up to him
only. I understand Cristiano. Every footballer wants to play at Real Madrid. I also think that
everyone wants to play for Manchester United but, if what he seeks is something else, that
should be respected. I have not talked to him but, when these things happen, neither side feels

Tevez's views are in stark contrast to those of his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who travelled to
Portugal last week for talks with the injured Ronaldo.

Both Fergie and The Glazers have said he is going nowhere !! So let it rest !!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Chelsea News Update

Click picture for full size image.

Mourinho jumped a sinking ship ...

We all know that !

Mourinho has a new job ...

Yes it's in Milan too ...

PJT - "Poor John Terry" ...

Actually, forget that,

Another pic.

Chelsea Bloggers Looky Here ... !!!

Any Chelsea fans who may drop by here feel
free to use the banner to the left here for the
top of your Blog - it will make a beautiful header for your page -
click on it and it grows to it's full size. With 9 players over 30 and a
coach who started out in management when they still used a pigs
bladder for a ball - they deserve to be voted in as honorary "Chelsea
Pensioners" as Fergie rightly pointed out !!

Fergie Not Worried But Eagles Is

It would seem Fergie is not too stressed out if he buys another player or
not this summer.

Having landed the Premier League and the Champions League, some
would agree with him. If it isn't broke, don't fix it as the saying goes.

"We did a lot of stocking up last summer, buying four players of
good ages as part of a policy of
bringing in footballers who
could develop, and we think there is further progress there,"
I had 23 players in Moscow and they will still be there for this

season because we are
happy with the squad. It is difficult for us to buy and
improve on that because we know why
clubs don't want to sell their best players
and we don't either."

Chris Eagles has been pondering his future with United. Having spent a season out on load to
Burnley last year, it seems Burnley are keen to sign him for another year.

He has doubts about this though, as he told the Lancashire Evening Post:

"I'd love to stay at Old Trafford and make my career as a United player, but I need
to think
about playing regularly.

"There have been talks with Premier League and Championship clubs, but
nothing's been

"It's difficult because I want to play every week, whether I leave United or stay at
United. If I
think I'm going to get a chance here then I'd love to stay. If not, maybe
I have to look
somewhere else.

"I'll speak to the gaffer over the next week or so and see what happens. There are
all sorts of
options available.

Fergie Full Of Praise For The Pirates

Fergie was full of praise for Orlando Pirates after United managed
a 1-0 win over a second string team in their second Vodacom
Challenge match played at the Kings Park Stadium last night.

United's boss said the Buccaneers had improved a lot from the
disjointed side that were beaten 4-0 by the mighty Reds in the
Challenge series two years ago at the same venue.

Pirates’ new coach Rudi Krol decided to rest the majority of his
first team players and fielded a virtual reserve team against the
champions of Europe and England in this annual tournament.

Fergie reported after the game:

"What I saw today of Pirates showed me they have improved a lot since we played them in the
same event two years ago and beat them easily. Our keeper Ben Foster was forced to make two
really good saves in the second half. We were a little lucky not to have conceded a goal,"

Krol said he would be making changes to the side for tomorrow night (8.10pm) when the
Buccaneers meet their arch rivals Kaizer Chiefs in the third match of the series and the playoff
for the final. The Soweto Derby winner will earn the right to face United in the sellout final to be
staged at the Loftus stadium on Saturday. Kick-off is at 3.30pm.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Calderon Wont Give Up & The Slave Wont Commit !!

With more front than Southend Real Madrid president
Ramon Calderon remains confident of prising Cristiano
Ronaldo away from Manchester United.

Speaking with the Spanish media over the weekend
(Marca no doubt) he is reported to have said:

"This type (of transfer) is hard,but we're going to
go for it all the same.

"I suppose it's all about a manner of theirs to let
us know clearly that they're not going to lower the
price in any way and that if we want him we have to
pay a lot more money."

When asked about the Ronaldo saga by the players
Calderon supposedly told them:

"Don't worry, we have it all sorted."

Spare A Thought For Wes

Spare a thought today for Wes Brown. His half-sister Claire
who was only 36 years old and three months pregnant passed
away Saturday night. This comes right after the death of
his father in February just five months ago. He only learned
of her existence five years ago and now he has lost her. She
is survived by her husband and their three sons aged 1, 13
and 16 !

Sunday, 20 July 2008

United Stroll To A Draw Pre Season

In Cape Town Manchester United's players got the preseason workout
they were looking for in a 1-1 draw with South Africa's Kaizer Chiefs
yesterday. Chiefs' Jonathan Quartey converted a 38th-minute penalty
after Gary Neville fouled someone with this name (wtf) Siphiwe

United equalised in the 60th when midfielder Chris Eagles headed home a cross from Carlos
Tevez. So Chris Eagles is top scorer for the season as we speak !

"It was exactly the kind of match I was hoping for because it helped us build rhythm,"
Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson said. United had a setback just before kickoff when
defender Rio Ferdinand slightly injured his ankle. "We decided to rest him and not take any
chances," Fergie explained. United will play Orlando Pirates on Tuesday.

Podsumowanie Meczu

Mistrz Anglii i triumfator rozgrywek Ligi Mistrzów - 2008 Manchester United zremisował w
towarzyskim meczu w Kapsztadzie z miejscowym klubem Kaiser Chiefs 1:1 (0:1). Prowadzenie
dla gospodarzy uzyskał z karnego obrońca Jonathan Quartey pokonując w 36 minucie Tomasza
Kuszczaka. Manchester wyrównał stan meczu w 60 minucie, kiedy pomocnik Chris Eagles, po
podaniu Carlosa Teveza, skierował głową piłkę do bramki Itumelenga Khune.

Rafa, Alex !!! You're Bad Bad Boys !!

Fergie: "I phoned Levy and offered him
£18m than told everyone I had bought
Berba, he he"

Rafa: "No way, I bet he went mental. I
went round Keane's house for tea the
other night and when Levy found out he
went berserk... ahhhh ha ha !"

Fergie: "Hey Rafa, I got him again. I
called him back and upped my offer by a

Rafa: "Oh Sheet, what did he say ?"

Fergie: "He hung up and grassed me up
to the FA miserable git"

Levy: "Hey Ferguson, I suppose you two think you
are funny ? Well I told on you na na na naaaa nah.
I told the FA so there".

Fergie: "Oh wow I'm scared ! When is Berba
arriving in Manchester ?"

Levy: "Oh f*ck off ...."

New Kit: Manchester United Away Kit For Season 2008 - 2009


I am guilty of assuming everybody had seen the new kit for 2008-2009.

Hence I didn't bother adding it here.

But here it is ...

-----Манчестер Юнайтедын шинэ away өмсгөл гарчээ. Харин худалдаанд албан ёсоор 7-р сарын 18 нд гарна.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Manchester United Touch Down In Africa (Video)

Alex You Hypocrite !!

I find this whole transfer merry-go-round nonsense very
childish personally. It's hardly a professional way to do
business is it ?

When you are the only kid in the playground with a packet of
sweets, then fair enough, chances are you will be badgered to
share them out. Then you grow up, apparently, and the rules
change. You ask, you get turned down, you retreat.

The way Real Madrid have constantly badgered and annoyed
United over the Ronaldo business does remind me of a spoilt
brat who can't get his own way !!

Madrid were annoying the hell out of Fergie too. I imagine he
has enough to deal with now the new season is just around the
corner. This is the last thing he needs to disrupt his plans.

Annoyed or not though, he has no right to declare publicly that
he has all but signed Berbatov, that he fully expects the deal to go through. He has infuriated the
Spurs chairman Daniel Levy (pictured):

"It is unbelievably hypocritical given his comments in respect of Cristiano
Ronaldo and Real Madrid," Levy said.

"The behaviour of both clubs has been disgraceful. We told both clubs very early
on that we had no interest in selling Robbie or Dimitar, respectively, and that they
should refrain from pursuing the player.

"Both clubs arrogantly chose to ignore this request and we now have evidence that
both clubs have systematically been working to prise the players away from us,
outside of Premier League rules of conduct."

"Today's public comments by Manchester United's manager, announcing that he
has made an offer for Dimitar and is confident that the deal will go through with
time working in their favour, is a blatant example of sheer arrogance and
interference with one of our players.

"It is also probably one of the worst offences by any manager in the Premier
League to date

"As a result, we have today made an official complaint to the Premier League
about the conduct of Manchester United.

"Benitez made similar comments in respect of Robbie recently and we made an
official complaint to the Premier League about the conduct of Liverpool earlier
this week.

"I have absolutely no wish to sell either player and to date we have not accepted
any offer for either."

The Premier League confirmed they had received Tottenham's official complaints
in relation to breaches of the Premier League rules K3 and K8.

Having said that I don't really see why there is such a big fuss over this ... Fergie said he fully
expects him to become a United player - so what ? It's not against the rules but it is lacking in
good manners.

Come on boys, enough is enough. This is all just childish and unprofessional !!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

What Does Marca Really Mean ?

It would seem the good reliable source of footballing news
based in Spain (Marca) are at it again.

They are now reporting, quite confidently, that at the start
of next week negotiations will begin between Real Madrid
and Manchester United over the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marca are also insisting that the information came from a
source close to the Glazer family insisting they had been
told the Glazers "have agreed to the operation".

A family spokesman for the Glazers actually went to M.E.N
Sport to put the record straight saying

“It is absolute nonsense. The family completely
maintains their original stance and that is that
Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale.

There have been no developments as far as we are concerned. There has been
absolutely nothing said from this end.”

On top of the fact he is not for sale there has also been rumours spreading from the Real Madrid
dressing room of discontent at the amount of money Ronaldo will be earning if he does go there.
If the guys are getting restless now when the news is just idle rumour, imagine the uproar if he
did go turn up - on £200,000 a week !!

It seems Wesley Schneider is the starter of these rumours of unrest:

“It would be bad for the dressing room because he would earn better wages than
the rest of the squad,” said Sneijder. “It wouldn’t be a problem to me but some
team-mates wouldn’t fancy it. Here we have players like him, Arjen Robben and
Robinho for example.

“For sure I want to play with Cristiano but the dressing room’s harmony has to be
maintained,” Sneijder added.

“For me, this Madrid side do not need new signings,” said Sneijder.

“In the last few matches last year we were very solid and the team have grown a

This whole episode is becoming a thorn in the side of so many people. I can't understand why he
didn't just wait two years when he would be halfway through his contract and then broker a deal.

This is just causing unrest and upset in too many corners.

If he does stay however, he needs to stay strong because I have visions of Pete Boyle turning up
at Old Trafford with a good few songs about slaves to taunt him with !!!

So what does Marca really mean - Member of the Assembly of Ridiculous Chatting Ass...........

Hmmmmm .... maybe !!

Fernando Torres, Alexis Sanchez, Carlos Tevez.

Not much going on today. Well unless Berba got
out of bed at about 5am and shot up to Old
Trafford to sign for United !!

Some more Spanish bull's excrement !!

Having sold Ronaldhino to Milan and the
imminent sale of Eto'o, Barca are now keen to
sign a big name striker. El Mundo Deportivo
claims they are looking at Liverpool's Fernando
Torres and our very own Carlos Tevez !!!

It seems to me these Spanish newspapers struggle for news and now participate in a new
game, 'Fantasy Reporting'...

Alexis Sanchez. Who ? (Pictured above) He is a young Chilean attacker that United have been
eyeing as a possible replacement for Ronaldo in the long term.

Currently playing for Udinese, United actually made a move for him 2 months ago. They tabled
an offer which was turned down by both Alexis and his agent Fernando Felicevich. The offer
didn't impress Udinese much either.

Felicevich said "The figure Udinese turned down is very important !" Interesting !

Probably 50 quid and a Tom-Tom sat nav if Gill had anything to do with it !!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Ryan Giggs "BA"

Who said footballers were stupid !!??

Well not our Ryan, he has a degree !

Well OK, he has been given an
honourary degree by the University
of Salford then.

It's been given to him for his contribution to sport and charitable causes.

He was presented with a Master of Arts in a ceremony recently held at the Lowry Theatre.

Having collected his award Giggs told the MEN: "I'm really pleased to accept this degree.

"I grew up in Salford and it's been a big part of my life for 30 years, so it's great to be a
part of Salford University now."

I'm not a big fan of celebrities being given these awards like this. Having said that, on
this ocassion it is fully deserved and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

He's been one of our greatest players and holds the record for the most appearances
standing at 758. It's actually held jointly with Sir Bobby Charlton but next season will
see him move on to stand alone as the record holder.

It's a busy life as a footballer but to make time to do charitable work for children in
South Africa who have been made vulnerable by HIV and Aids and also to act as an
ambassador for Unicef is admirable and I salute you for that Ryan.

Arise Sir Ryan Giggs ?

Once Berbatov Signs ...

Once United land Dimitar Berbatov (fingers crossed) it will seem likely that, fit or not, Saha's days at Old Trafford are numbered.

But all is not lost for the ex-Fulham player who cost United £12.8m four and a half years ago.

Roy Keane, manager of Sunderland, has been showing interest in the guy so watch this spot. It could be 'aurevoir mon petit garcon' for the Balsawood man.

Whilst on the subject of Roy Keane, he again is showing a great deal of interest in Johnny Evans, the young defender he has already had on loan twice. He is looking to either buy Evans or take him on a third long-term load spell at the Stadium of Light.

What Now For Frazier ?

Phil Brown, the Hull City boss has been on the phone to Fergie apparently.
He's trying to broker another deal to keep Frazier Campbell at the KC
Stadium for another season. I don't blame him either, Campbell was
their top scorer last year by a country mile ! Brown said: "I spoke at
length with Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the season, having kept
him up to speed with the progress Fraizer Campbell had made all season.

"He was adamant that all his players would come back for pre-season

"When they come back from South Africa there is an opportunity
to talk again.

"I fully trust Sir Alex's word on that and when they come back from South Africa I will be putting a call in.

There is always a possibility."

"He is very, very important to me, and that we get the right quality strikers in," Brown added.

"It is difficult. There are one or two strikers out there we have earmarked as priority but if Fraizer Campbell
became available we would certainly be interested in taking him, either permanent or on loan."

Damn right he's important to you Mr Brown !! He's virtually the only guy who scored for you last season !

I think Fergie values Campbell at around £6m ... given the fact that a few clubs are interested in our boy,
including Aston Villa, Brown wont get him cheaply !

Personally I'd like to see him stay with us. I've watched him in a few reserve games and he is certainly 'above average'.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Albert Scanlon Hit's Out At Ronaldo

MUNICH survivor Albert Scanlon has slammed United 'slave'
Cristiano Ronaldo - branding him 'a silly boy'.

Albert, who was one of the original Busby Babes hit out at the
£120,000-a-week Portugese 'star' after he backed FIFA president
Sepp Blatter's claim he had been treated like a slave by the Reds.

Albert is 72 years old now. He gains nothing from saying things
like this. So for him to feel it necessary to comment like this
kind of makes it hit home a little bit more than the rubbish we hear
about in the press. At his home in Salford where he has lived all his
life, Albert said Ronaldo's comments showed he was `naive' and
claimed he `lacked maturity'. At his peak Albert earned £25 a week !!

As reported by The Manchester Evening News Albert went on to say:

"He's not a slave is he? He is a silly boy. Who in their right mind would think that? He never has been - and if he
was I wouldn't have minded being in the same boat."

Ronaldo's future has been subject to a lot of speculation over the summer.

Real Madrid have continually stated their interest in him. He too has said it would be his dream to play for
them. I think Real Madrid need to learn a bit more about maturity and good manners too. For a club of their
stature and standing to behave the way they have is a disgrace !!

Ronaldo has four years of his contract to run and United have stood firm - prompting Blatter's outburst.

When asked about Ronaldo's `predicament' Blatter sparked fury by claiming: "In modern football there's
too much slavery."

And responding to the outburst in Portugal, Ronaldo said: "I completely agree with the president of FIFA."

Scanlon, who fractured his skull in the 1958 air disaster, tips Ronaldo to stay, but laughed off the claims
of the Portugese maestro.

"I've met him and he's a nice lad," he said. "But he's easily led and it looks like he's jumping on the
bandwagon by
agreeing with what headmaster Blatter has said."

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to forget HE DID HAVE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO CHOOSE WHO HE

He wasn't forced to sign it and he was reported as saying to the press at the time he was happy
at United.

You have a contract Mr Ronaldo and you signed it !!

You ARE obliged to HONOUR it.

Now shut up and get on with it !!

United Make Bid For Berbatov

UNITED have reportedly offered £20million for Tottenham
striker Dimitar Berbatov.

The 27-year-old Bulgarian has been linked with a switch
to Old Trafford all summer, but Spurs are thought to
value him at around £30m.

The Reds are on the look-out for more firepower with Louis
Saha's future at the club uncertain and speculation
continuing to link Cristiano Ronaldo with a move to Real Madrid.

How much is Berbatov worth?

Aberdeen 0 - 2 Manchester United

A first-half penalty from Michael Carrick and a Wayne Rooney header after the break gave
Manchester United a comfortable win over Aberdeen in their challenge match at Pittodrie.

Just before half-time Rooney was brought down by Aberdeen keeper Jamie Langfield inside the
box, allowing Carrick to score his first penalty since the Champions League final penalty
shoot-out win over Chelsea in Moscow.

Rooney headed home number two from a Darren Fletcher cross in the 69th minute before going
off to a standing ovation minutes later.

Fergie described his return to Pittodrie as “emotional” and said he was satisfied with United’s
first game ahead of the new season.

“They all did all right. There was no real great performances,” he told MUTV.

“You can’t expect any great performances - that’s the reason for pre-season games.

“The important thing is to get your fitness and also to come through without injury.”

A near sell out crowd of 20,500 turned up for the game.

A good percentage of the crowd appeared to be there to see United who fielded a strong side
including Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Scotland international Fletcher.

Swansea And Barnsley Bosses Linked With United 'Number 2' Job

Roberto Martinez and Simon Davey are reportedly contenders to become
Old Trafford number two

With Carlos Queiroz leaving to become the new coach of Portugual, two of
the Championship' s brightest young talents are seen as potential

Davey told Barnsley's official website: "It is flattering to be linked with a
club of such stature, but I have a job here.

Swansea chairman Huw jenkins told the Evening Post: "It's nonsense."

I guess we will now have 100 names put forward for the job ...

Personally I would love to see Eric Cantona turn up and lay his cards on
the table. Imagine the excitement of having 'The King' back again !!!

West Ham Planning £2,000,000 Raid On United

West Ham United Football Club are lining
up a £2million bid for Mikael Silvestre.

The French defender is out of favour at
Manchester United and has been linked
with a summer exit, as Sir Alex Ferguson
can’t promise him an upturn in fortunes
next season.

Alan Curbishley is willing to pay £2million
to land the former Inter Milan star, but he
could well back out of a deal as he will have
to meet Silvestre’s current wage of

The player will demand this because if he does leave United this summer, he will
miss out on a potentially lucrative testimonial match at the end of the season.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Pre-Season Games Are Almost Here Again !

It's that time of the year again - pre-season. Time to forget about the double,
that's consigned to the history books now !

It's time for Fergie and the boys to plan for the coming season ahead.

It's looking like no new signings for us - and no Ronnie departure. Which is not a
bad thing I guess. I think our team from last season is more than capable of
finishing above Liverpool and Arsenal again. As for Chelsea ... well I see this
season being a learning curve for Scolari and the players as they all get used to life
without Avram !

So here's the pre-season schedule down below. A good mix of games. Maybe Fergie
could despatch Nemanja oh oh oh ohhhhh Nemanja oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh to go
and have a word with Mugabe and put him back on the straight and narrow while
United visit South Africa.

12 Jul vs Aberdeen

19 Jul vs Kaizer Chiefs

22 Jul vs Orlando Pirates

26 Jul vs Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates

27 Jul vs Portsmouth

02 Aug vs RCD Espanyol

04 Aug vs Peterborough

06 Aug vs Juventus

Monday, 7 July 2008

Hunter Claims United Interest

Hunter claims United interest

Ajax striker Klaas-Jan
Huntelaar has told
Dutch media that he
dreams of a potential
move to United.

The highly-rated 24-
year-old claims that
the Reds have voiced
an interest in securing
his services, following
his decision to reject
a new contract at the
Amsterdam giants.

"I know certain English clubs are following me, like
Manchester United, who are very interested in me,'
he said.

"I love clubs with great history like Ajax. I also love
United. They are a club that make me dream, espec-
ially as Ruud van Nistelrooy did great things with them."

Huntelaar, nicknamed 'The Hunter', scored 36 goals in
39 appearances last season as Ajax finished runners-up
in the Eredivisie.

Ronaldo Surgery Successful

Cristiano Ronaldo underwent surgery today
(Monday 7 July) on his right ankle.

The operation was performed by Professor C. Niek
van Dijk at The Academic Medical Centre in Amster-
dam and initial indications are that the procedure was

Cristiano will begin his convalescence under the
direction of club medical staff and an estimation of his
return to full fitness will be possible following a review
by the specialist in one month.

Friday, 4 July 2008

How Would Adolf Have Reacted To Ronaldo's Actions ... ?




TO SEE ... !


Ronaldo Set For Ankle Operation

Ronaldo has not returned
to Man Utd since the end
of the season.

Cristiano Ronaldo is now
expected to have surgery on
his ankle early next week
after seeing a specialist on

The specialist echoed the
view of medics from United
and the Portuguese FA that
the problem requires surgery.

The Manchester United winger could be sidelined for up
to six weeks, and may miss the start of the new season.

Ronaldo was not going on United's pre-season tour of
South Africa anyway,
but surgery could make him a doubt
for the Premier League start on 16 August.

The 23-year-old initially met with United's club doctors
and Portuguese FA staff in Lisbon on Wednesday to assess
the extent of his injury.

Ronaldo revealed after the European Championships that
he had been playing
with the problem for weeks, and felt it
required an operation.

United reiterated their stance on Friday that the winger
is "not for sale" amid reports that a move to Real Madrid
is imminent.

"It is utter nonsense and totally laugh-able," said a club

Your thoughts on the on-going Ronaldo saga ... ?

Fletcher Assured By Fergie


Darren Fletcher has been assured he is very much part of Sir
Alex Ferguson's plans for next season.

Fletcher was restricted to 11 starts last term, due to the strong
competition for places in United’s midfield and a knee injury
which sidelined him for most of April.

But the Scot’s superb two-goal FA Cup display against Arsenal
in February demonstrated his ability to rise to the occasion,
a trait Ferguson values highly.

The Reds boss told Sky Sports: “He’s been very unlucky, but
he keeps coming back. He’s an important player to us.

“He always plays well in big games – that’s the great value he
brings to the club. He’s a big-game player and we’ve plenty of
big games, so he’ll play his part.”

Fletcher revealed in May that his frustration at not playing
every week motivates him to succeed when he does get a

“You have to take disappointment and use it as a fuel,” the
24-year-old said. “If you’re not selected then you have to
think to yourself ‘I’m going to make an impact if I get on’.
You can’t let your head get down at all.

“I’ve picked up injuries at bad times when I’ve got into the
team and started to play well. We have a great squad here
and I have to be patient.”

I'm so glad to hear Fergie is taking care of Fletch. He's a good guy. He sits there patiently waiting for his chance to play. Then when the chance finally comes along he very rarely let's us down !!

A good man and a good servant for United ... what do you think ?

United Boys Back With A Bang !!


The hard work has already begun for the United
squad after they reported back for pre-season
training on Wednesday.

Ryan Giggs joined up with his team-mates - minus
the Euro 2008 contingent - back at Carrington for
the start of a rigorous regime ahead of the 2008
/09 campaign.

The Welshman enjoyed a six-week rest after last
season's triumphant exploits, including a relaxing
break with his family in Portugal. But he admits
that's soon forgotten once the squad's punishing
pre-season schedule begins.

"Obviously last season ended brilliantly for the
team and for myself, and it’s good to be back, but
I’m not really looking forward to pre-season training,
" he told

"Wednesday was just testing to see where your fit-
ness is at. Thursday is another treadmill fitness test
which will be quite hard, and that will start to build
things up. I’m not really looking forward to it.

But you’ve just got to get through it haven’t you?

"Long distance running gets easier as you get older,
I think, it’s just the quicker stuff that is quite hard.
But you’ve done it all before and just use your
experience to get through it."

The Reds have a hectic schedule of matches over
the coming few weeks. A United XI will
travel to
Aberdeen on 12 July, before the first team squad
head to
South Africa for the Vodacom Challenge.

trip will encompass three matches against
local sides Kaizer Chiefs and
Orlando Pirates
(United will play one of them twice).

On their way home to
Manchester, the squad will
stop off in Nigeria on 27 July where they will face
Harry Redknapp's
Portsmouth, whom they will
also be up against at Wembley in the Community
Shield on 10 August.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's testimonial clash with
Espanyol at Old Trafford takes place on 2 August
and that will be followed by two more friendlies -
first up a trip to London Road to take on Sir Alex's
son Darren and his Peterborough side. The Reds
then entertain Juventus at OT on 6 August.

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R.I.P John Terry


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ronnie's Foot !!!

Cristiano Ronaldo meets with Man Utd doctors to
assess the extent of his ankle injury.

View Original Article


Personally, I find it odd that he mentioned this 'injury'
about ten days ago. Then he went off for 3 days and
was never seen, until he surfaced on holiday some-
where with his girl.

Seems the 'injury' just appears as and when the Real
Madrid rumours get a bit thin on the ground !!!

I get a distinct feeling of 'deja vous' with all this
Ronaldo malarchy.

It has all the earmarks of a certain Mr Beckham.

Ronnie made the mistake of selling the rights to his
image many years ago when he was a rash young
man and now complains about it !!!

Greed has already cost him a lot of cash already.

I imagine behind the scenes all the legal boys at Old
Trafford are negotiating like mad for Ronnie to be
the sole beneficiary of his image rights.

If you were to add this cash to his current contract
of £120,000 he will be on the same money Madrid
are offering him.

Given his high profile he currently has at United,
to move to Madrid IF this deal happens would be
pure madness.

If I'm honest we got a few problems if Ronnie
bails out ....



Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Lippi: "Italy To Follow Man United's Example"

Premier League Manchester United
01 July 2008

Marcello Lippi said his new Italy team would follow the
example of the Manchester United FC side that won
the UEFA Champions League, rather than Spain's UEFA
EURO 2008 winners, during his first news conference
back at the helm.

Past and future

The 60-year-old, whose appointment as successor to
Roberto Donadoni on 26 June, said: "It would be a mis-
take to try to copy what Spain have done, because Spain
have a number of young players with a lot of experience
gained from their club sides. Our situation is different –
we have a group of players who won the [FIFA] World
Cup only two years ago and we have to find the right
blend between the past and the future. I would like to
see players who are ready to sacrifice themselves for
the team, a bit like Manchester United whose great
players, such as [Wayne] Rooney and [Cristiano] Ronaldo,
are always willing to work hard in defence when needed."

Style of our own

"Spain also have their own particular way of playing
football and most of their teams play like that
," continued
the Azzurri's World Cup-winning coach. "And they won
the EURO after a long period of development where they
endured some bad results and setbacks. We want a united
group who play aggressively and who try to impose their
style on the opposition, but who are also ready to defend
when the opposition are on top. Italy are no longer about

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