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Friday, 18 July 2008

What Does Marca Really Mean ?

It would seem the good reliable source of footballing news
based in Spain (Marca) are at it again.

They are now reporting, quite confidently, that at the start
of next week negotiations will begin between Real Madrid
and Manchester United over the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marca are also insisting that the information came from a
source close to the Glazer family insisting they had been
told the Glazers "have agreed to the operation".

A family spokesman for the Glazers actually went to M.E.N
Sport to put the record straight saying

“It is absolute nonsense. The family completely
maintains their original stance and that is that
Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale.

There have been no developments as far as we are concerned. There has been
absolutely nothing said from this end.”

On top of the fact he is not for sale there has also been rumours spreading from the Real Madrid
dressing room of discontent at the amount of money Ronaldo will be earning if he does go there.
If the guys are getting restless now when the news is just idle rumour, imagine the uproar if he
did go turn up - on £200,000 a week !!

It seems Wesley Schneider is the starter of these rumours of unrest:

“It would be bad for the dressing room because he would earn better wages than
the rest of the squad,” said Sneijder. “It wouldn’t be a problem to me but some
team-mates wouldn’t fancy it. Here we have players like him, Arjen Robben and
Robinho for example.

“For sure I want to play with Cristiano but the dressing room’s harmony has to be
maintained,” Sneijder added.

“For me, this Madrid side do not need new signings,” said Sneijder.

“In the last few matches last year we were very solid and the team have grown a

This whole episode is becoming a thorn in the side of so many people. I can't understand why he
didn't just wait two years when he would be halfway through his contract and then broker a deal.

This is just causing unrest and upset in too many corners.

If he does stay however, he needs to stay strong because I have visions of Pete Boyle turning up
at Old Trafford with a good few songs about slaves to taunt him with !!!

So what does Marca really mean - Member of the Assembly of Ridiculous Chatting Ass...........

Hmmmmm .... maybe !!

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