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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Oooops, We Seem To Have Lost In The European 'Not So Super' Cup

some of
the barmy
headlines in
my time. But
Yesterdays 'The
Star Online' whoever
they are called absolutely
slayed me, lol. The headline
across the front of the paper -
"UEFA Cup Winners SLAY RED
DEVILS To Win Russia's first Super
Cup !!. Jesus, do they class it as a
proper cup competition ? I did
manage to not even watch it
and I avoided it when the
highlights were played
on TV. I think this
cup can safely
be classed
as the
European Community Shield.
I don't say this because United
lost 2-1, I was saying it before
the game, indeed years ago. It
is the same as that other cup
The Intercontinental Cup that
used to be played for. What
happened to that one ? Or do
we have to fly off to Brazil one
Tuesday night to play for this
and then get back home again
25 minutes before a Champi-
ons League game starts.


Hans Pedersen said...

Unfortunately it's much worse than just a single match against the south american champions today... we have to go to Japan and play a two-week "championship" agains oter continental champions. Much like the one in Brazil 2000.

Hans Pedersen said...

Just have to add this... seems like FIFA are letting the european champions get off a bit easier. We enter "the tournament" at semi-final stage, so we only have to play a maximum of 2 matches. but anyway, it's in December... I think we have enough matches during december as it is.

Carlyluvsunited said...

DECEMBER ... !!!!!!!!!!!

That's just about the time we begin our charge to win the league. Right after qualifying for the champions league finishes, and we have to go to Tokyo ??

That's just irresponsible of the FA getting us all tied up in Mickey Mouse games Grrrrrrrrrr!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carly, hows life?

I just wanna say I dont like the mentality where fans think that games like the Super Cup are totally meaningless. All games we play where there is a trophy at stake should be given respect, no matter how small it is. It was disappointing to lose and Sir Alex must have been gutted too. He spoke before the match of his desire to take it seriously in response to our previous Super Cup defeat. But its done now and on the night we deserved defeat.

Now I personally feel that we Man Utd fans should appreciate the opportunities that come our way instead of picking and choosing titles to be interested in. Besides, its not as if we play for the Super Cup and World Club Championship every year. This was a rare opportunity that took 9 years to occur again.

Therefore it should be a privilege to compete for all types of silverware. Roughly 99% of clubs get nowhere near to a trophy every season so we should take our chances when they come. At the end of the day every trophy is important because it gets added to the honours that the club has won. Thats all I wanted to say. Great blog, keep it goin.

See you soon.

Raven Blade