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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

They Think It's All Over .....

So Real Madrid sign Van Der Vaart and this saga concerning The Slave
is all over ?

Fergie announced just hours after they made this signing "That's the
issue finished with now".

Calderon said "I think this will be our only signing this year".

I say "what a fiasco !"

This has been so unprofessional and childish it's beyond belief !
I always thought when you join a club then you play your heart out
for them or you don't join them. You have to be dedicated to the
cause or what are you doing there ?

The Slave has shown no commitment or loyalty at all during this
whole episode ! He worries about HIS dreams and HIS money. I
said 12 months ago he is greedy and ambitious to one cause, the
Cristiano Ronaldo cause. Seems I was right.

So now we have the question "How will the fans treat Ronaldo the
first time he runs out onto the hallowed turf of Old Trafford ?"

When I read stories about the likes of Albert Scanlon, Tommy Tay-
lor, Duncan Edwards, Liam Whelan, Harry Gregg, oh the list is
endless, it just makes you sit back in awe at their commitment !
They had loyalty second to none and they performed miracles.

Albert Scanlon spoke with the MEN back in February, I dont have
the article to hand but he was saying how, on match days, he
would get up with butterflies in his stomach, have a small meal
and then tie his bootlaces together and sling them round his neck
and walk to Old Trafford from his house in Salford.

They trained 5 days a week on top of this and were paid some rid-
iculous amount of money £10 maybe, probably less. Many of the
players back in those days had to have a second job just to survive !!

My God they played their hearts out too. They would be there for
the match no matter what ! Just as well because there were no
rest days back then, no substitutes to take your place if you were
a bit off colour. It was one way, once you ran on that pitch that
was it ... you finish the game.

So where did it all go so wrong ?

That question is for another day I think. All of this was way bef-
ore my time but I read about it and I am more in awe of these guys
from the Busby Babes era than ever before.

There was no questioning their commitment. They performed week in
and week out, winning league titles and cups left right and centre.
There was no cash cow or money carrot driving them on. The wages
were rubbish until the 80s.

It was all commitment and loyalty, shown by a rare few these days.

United have had some magnificent number 7s through the years but
right now we have .....

Ronaldo !!

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