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Thursday, 7 August 2008

What Now For Ryan Giggs ?



This guy has done it all, won it all, seen it all. Despite this, every
time he runs on the field people start reading the record books
and re-writing them. When I discussed the beginning of last sea-
son with people I was not too hopeful for Giggsy to play too many
games, never mind actually winning anything.

8 months later he scores the goal at Wigan to win the Premier
League for us but ..... in this same game he was also busy equa-
lling Sir Bobby Charlton's all time appearance record for United
at 758 games.

Two weeks later he springs forth from the bench to go and win the
European Cup and become the All-time appearance record holder.
Nice one Mr Giggs, you made me look a fool again.

That's the magic of the guy though, he makes everyone look fool-
ish when he carries on performing as he does at his age.

Now he's at it again. He's plotting how he, and United, plan to sur-
pass last seasons escapades. Challenge number one could be an-
other record breaker. Since the European Cup changed it's name
to the Champions League in 1992, not a single club has ever ret-
ained the trophy, can you believe that ? So that's challenge num-
ber one. If we're looking to do that, then we might as well say that
winning the Premier League 3 seasons in a row is rarely done !
So there is another target to aim for.

I could live with that, if that's all we won. Talk is cheap though.
It's hard to win the two trophies we did last season, but we did it.
The odds of repeating it are pretty high I imagine. Before they won
a single thing I said this squad is the best Fergie has assembled !
Others said the '99 squad. I stand by what I said back then. They
have only really been together for 2 years now. Anderson, OH, Nani,
Tevez, all new on the scene and they make up a quarter of the team.
So as a complete squad they have 2 years, 2 Premierships and a
Champions League !!

The team averages less than 25 in ages, and with that antiquity
in goal, thats pretty good. The new guys from the beginning of
last year have had one year to settle in, and have already impress-
ed if the truth be known. If I'm really honest, I would love to see
a big tall, miserable sulking Bulgarian git up front, but that seems
unlikely now. This team was good enough to win the two trophies
last year. I think they have an even bigger chance this year !!

Let's all pretend to be Liverpool fans ......

Oooooooh no, I couldn't. The depression of another year, in
which they will be out of the title race by the end of November
AGAIN, would be too much to bear.

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