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Monday, 29 September 2008

Bolton To Receive An Apology From Rob Styles

I bet this news has turned their match against Manchester United at the weekend round and really made it a joyous ocassion. Rob Styles is actually going to own up to making the biggest cock up anyone has ever seen. Who needs 3 points in The Premiership when you can have Styles shuffling about like the clown he is whilst mumbling some weak apology.

It means nothing anyway. He should have gone to the Bolton guys right after the game and said: "Hey guys, what can I say, I fucked up". The problem is half of these referees are on an egpo trip. They couldn't make it in the game themselves so they were clutching at straws by becoming refs, just to be a part of the glory.

I've got something now that will make Styles gesture completely worthless. He passed on the apology to the referees association and asked if they would mind dealing with it for him. Pathetic !!

From us the fans, to you the ref Mr Styles, we all say................... YOU TOSSER !!!!

After this, Bolton seemed to roll on their backs with their legs in the air, "a la" dead dog style. Unitedf scored again courtesy of Wayne Rooney. The back heel from The Slave was actually mesmerising but the little 'shimmy' Roon did to send the defender the wrong way was even better........and the finish was even better again, it was a beautiful goal. United didn't impress much in this game, it seems we are still dogged by this 'slow start' problem !!!

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