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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Or Maybe Ronnie Didn't Dive ?

Cristiano Ronaldo sprawled inelegantly in the Bolton penalty area as a furious Jussi Jaaskelainen and Gavin McCann leant down and bawled at Manchester United's world-class trickster. So every picture tells a story?

Not this time, it doesn't. 'Ronaldo was on the floor saying, "I didn't want a penalty!",' reported Bolton skipper Kevin Nolan, who saw his team's sterling efforts wiped out by referee Rob Styles' inexplicable decision to award a spot-kick after JLloyd Samuel's perfectly timed tackle on the Portuguese.

Nolan said: 'I don't think one of them put their hands up asking for a penalty. Fletcher's going, "It's not a penalty", Tevez is going, "It's not a penalty". Twenty players who were in the box at the time knew it wasn't a penalty.

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Best foot forward: JLloyd Samuel makes the tackle on Ronaldo in the Bolton Box

'But the man who was in black had the final say. They couldn't believe their luck. But you're at United and unfortunately that happens. It does strike fear into you when you look at this magnificent stadium. Maybe that's what's happened to the referee. He said he thought JLloyd took Ronaldo before the ball. It didn't make sense to me at all. But I can't say too much or I'm going to get done by the FA.'

Ronaldo, who did not celebrate his penalty, also hit a post and set up the chance for Wayne Rooney to step around Nolan and dispatch United's second against a Bolton side too badly shaken to recover.

I do feel sorry for Bolton and I think it's about time these referees were made to pay for these errors. Styles was in the perfect position for this incident, and yet he saw something the whole world didn't see ..... I'm baffled !!

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