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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sorry About The Unexplained Absence

I had a weird experience !!

Google in their infinite wisdom decided my blog was spam and removed it ... the fact that most of the spam blogs advertise things like 'Bangalore Escort Girls' and 'New Delhi Massage Parlours' says a lot for me doesn't it ? LMAO - at least I can earn a few quid in New Delhi or Bangalore, with a reference from Google to boot !!! One thing that bothers me about the thing that Google run here - is the fact that if you go to their help group with a problem, there is maybe 3 or 4 people trying to deal with problems arising from about 175 million blogs !!! They must make millions of dollars every week from these blogs and it virtually runs itself !! I had my blog flagged since 18th August and the routine is that you must send in an unblock request which I did the same day. Then they promise to look at it and unblock it in 2 business days if it is not spam. Well I ended up sending four of these requests in, as well as leaving 6 messages on the Blogger Help Forums - and despiute all that, they just deleted it with not so much as a single word to me !! Anyway, all is good again so sorry about that x

1 comment:

SadieJane said...

I have encountered various issues with Google search results myself.

Once, like you, my site was deemed unfit for inclusions. Thankfully, that resolved quickly and easily.

Also, on a few rare occasions, my site was in top 10 rankings for many, many key words. For no known reason. Then, after day and half, returned to normal search rankings.

No one really knows what they do, not even Google.