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Saturday, 6 September 2008

We Shook Off Madrid Now City Will Follow United

The Ronaldo transfer saga involving Manchester United and Real Madrid might well be over but a new soap-opera is just about to hit the TV screens this coming January.

I guess we should all just get used to it. If you have a good player or should I say exceptional player, then you will always have the gossip and nonsense that goes with it.

Manchester City’s new owner has publicly avowed his desire to bring Europe’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo to the City of Manchester Stadium at an amount outbidding Real Madrid’s price of around £70 million.

In a statement made to the media, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim declared how much more a good player like Ronaldo should be worth, which explains why he intends to buy Ronaldo from archrivals Manchester United at £135 million.

£135,000,000 ... !!!! I think that's just obscene, the way they just bounce these outrageous amounts of money around is no joke. I always think about the difference that cash would make to the orphans in my country Romania, or the street kids of Mexico and the little children of Darfur !!!

If you gave out £500 per child, and spent it on that child alone, can you even begin to imagine the difference it would make to that little kids existence. It is a significant amout of money to actually take them from misery to happiness and a near normal life, and with £135m up for grabs, you could change the lives of 270,000 children !!! 270,000 !!!

I love to watch football and there's nothing better than watching The Slave dazzle his opponents and then score an exquisite goal. But someone will soon have to address this matter with transfer fees because one thing I can tell you, hand on heart, is this ... I would much rather see the 270,000 smiles on the faces of those children than some Portugese guy play tricks with a football !!! I'll always follow United but at what price ?

It's time now for the madness to stop and another way to trade players be found.


Steve said...

I agree with everything you say but unfortunately it isn't going to change too soon. I would like to see a salary cap like they have in Rugby.
Anyway City will never be as fanous as us no matter what money they have.

Carlyluvsunited said...

I was going to come say hi but your profile is set to "non-public" !! Why is that ? :-(