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Friday, 26 September 2008

What Is A Gloucester Red ?

I'd actually forgotten about the clown we know as Gloucester Red. Well, that is until one of the guys where I am working today mentioned inbreeding amongst animals, especially among pig breeds. As soon as I heard that, our good friend Gloucester Red (Red Issue and Red News) sprang to the fore in my mind. NB: I added "Red Issue" and "Red News" after his name because he does it all the time like it makes him special, or more important than anyone else. Errrr retard !!

I got to thinking, what the hell is a Gloucester Red. Apart from a glory hunter from down south who hitches a ride on the United gl;ory bus, with a big mouth, a big nose and no clue whatsoever about what it is talking about !!

The Gloucester Red Knights - There you go, I told you it would be something superior to the big mouth retard didn't I ? Actually, they are an American Football outfit. They are not too dissimilar to Red Issue Gloucester Red in that they make plenty of noise but no matter how loud, they are losers.

There is Gloucester Red pottery - Just like RI's Gloucester Red, it is worthless, impractical and pretty much useless these days. They went bust and lost the plot, stumbled around aimlessly for a while and then plummetted. Shame the Gloucs Red with the big mouth can't follow suit. Having said that we'd have nothing to laugh at !!

There are Gloucester Red bricks - I can honestly say, hand on heart, I imagine the bricks will have the higher IQ over the Gob on a stick.

Gloucester Red Roses - Now here we go. These are probably the closest relative to RI's Gloucester Red. Pick up the roses carelessly and you will get your hand pricked big time. Hand and prick when put together suggest wanking or wanker - enough said !!

I was really hoping there would be a Gloucester Red Pig. Oh yes, what fun. RI's prize asset being compared to a creature that is fat and sweaty, revolting to look at and lives in filth and is covered in shit. I imagine it's not far off the mark with that description.

Not that the idiot is worth worrying about anyway. Those with the big mouths that go charging in armed with no facts or knowledge always end up looking like him anyway - dick head.

The most sickening bit though is the fact he is yet ANOTHER southerner shooting his mouth off about U-N-I-T-E-D, when he should be back down south, on his farm, in the sty.

Tosser !!!

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