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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

How Would We Ever Manage Without Michel Platini ?

This weekend UEFA President Michel Platini had many things to tell us on the future of our beloved game of football. According to recent investigations made by UEFA, one of the main problems causing the dramatic differences of quality between rich and poor clubs, is that the poorer clubs cannot manage debt as well as the richer ones. God alone knows where he got that idea from. I think it also belittles the intelligence of the guys running the smaller clubs. Personally, I think he would have sounded a bit more grown up if he had said the smaller clubs are not guaranteed the cash that the bigger clubs are, which ultimately threatens their ability to make regular repayments. But who am I to criticise Platini or The Slave Blatter !!

He then said: But there is a wider question, as to whether people can just play the free market, UEFA is concerned first and foremost about the spirit of the game and balance of competition.

What a clown. I can just see it now, an email arriving on Fergies computer the day after he wins another double next year.

From: The desk of a French tosser. email:

Dear Fergie, well done my son, another Premier League, Champions League double, amazing. Bad news though old boy. Because you did so well last year it's not fair on the minnows of the game like Chelsea, Arse, Liverpool etc etc so, I'm very sorry, but you can't buy anyone this summer, you have to stick with what you've got. Merci beaucoup, tres bien et aurevoir !

Yeah right, can you imagine Fergie's reaction, he'd turn the reddest he ever has and fly to France and convert Platini into a post op transexual !!

According to recent Club releases, Chelsea and Manchester United owe a record of over 1.2 billion Euros due to excessive loans. Platini stated his awareness that rich and poor clubs will always exist, but the taking in of debt is what causes most of the disadvantages between the world’s various leagues. He has only allowed the recent buying of Manchester City by a foreign investor, as it was the only way to save the club from going bankrupt. LMAO - like they were going bankrupt, he thinks we're as stupid as him. Yet some clubs could not share the same fate, as last year Scotland’s Gretna FC seized to exist due to the excessive loans taken just to remain in competition with the Old Firm (Celtic and Rangers).

During his term, Platini is expected to implement other rules and restrictions to the richer clubs, showing a President capable to work for the “good of the game.”

We all wait with baited breath for the next load of 'merde' he comes out with !!

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