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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hurry Back Rooney Or It's The Bench For You !!

tevez manchester unitedI think Wayne Rooney's injury is badly timed. Not for Manchester United but more for himself !

I'm one of his biggest fans but it has to be said if he is out for a few games he might struggle to get back in the team and the main reason for that is Carlos Tevez.

Tevez linked up with Dimitar Berbatov is a mouth-watering prospect for me. We all know what Tevez is like, he never stops running and he gives 100% every single game. If he loses the ball he is not one of these guys who will stand there with his arms in the air, he is up and after the culprit who took the ball from him. He is always there, snapping at the ankles of defenders and annoying them. If they try passing it to one another he will run between them ready to pounce on the slightest of errors. To play against him must be every defenders worst nightmare come true.

Once he does get the ball back, that's the hard work done for him. With Berbatov in the middle, marked by one or two players, it doesn't matter to him, all Tevez needs do is get the ball into him, he has such a perfect first touch and a lightning fast footballing brain, he can turn defenders inside out and get his shot off. Theoretically, these two, Tevez and Berbatov, are a match made in heaven. If they do hit it off and form a good partnership while Rooney is away, would Fergie break it up again to accomodate Rooney ? I'm not so sure he would !

Of course, there is another option which I am keen to see Fergie experiment with. Play all three of them, Rooney, Berbatov and Tevez, add to that Ronaldo as well and can you imagine the opposition defenders then ? They would see the team sheet and go home. The only bad part of this formation is the fact Ronaldo is so lazy. If he is tackled the hands go up and he stands still looking at the ref. If he got his act together and tracked back then yes, go for it but it would be a gamble right now.

To play a 4-3-3 I would want Hargreaves and Scholes there too actually. Without those two forget it. With Scholes injured for 10-13 weeks it looks like Rooney better get fit again and quick, or he might be left out in the cold !!

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