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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Robinson's Weak Attempt To Secure Zuiverloon's Allegiance

manchester united united cristiano ronaldo West Brom defender Paul Robinson has warned teammate Gianni Zuiverloon over interest from Manchester United. He almost makes it sound like his life will end if he joins United.

Fergie is said to be keen on the 21-year-old, but Mowbray told Midlands newspaper the Express & Star: "I hope he realises he is a young player and we have given him an opportunity to come and play in the Premier League. We have one or two players that other clubs ask me about, but selling is not the plan. The plan is to try to build a team, not to bring them in and sell them off quickly. What is the point of bringing a player in and then selling him in a year?"

Captain Robinson warned Zuiverloon that a move to a bigger club might not be beneficial at this stage of his career.

"He is 22 now and he has got a great future ahead of him – there is no doubt in my mind. I’m just hoping that the big clubs stay away and don’t take him away from us. You see a lot of young lads now go away from clubs like ours and they’re not playing. I don’t want to see the young lads do that any more until they know they can go to a big club and play week in, week out."

He actually neglected to mention that they will get paid probably twice what they will at West Brom and then they will have plenty of opportunities to go out on loan and ply their trade at a smaller club to build up their playing abilities and confidence. I think that's a much better deal then putting all your eggs in West Broms basket !! No offence to WBA by the way....Back To Home Page

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