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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Rooney Should Be Fit For England Like Anyone Cares About England Anyway !

Manchester United > England

The English media and England fans themselves do make me giggle somewhat. They spend a lifetime slating the England team, picking holes in every single mistake they ever make, they expect them to win every World Cup and Every Euro tournament. When things don't go their way, they boo the players, boo the manager and scream for his resignation. When Capello had his VERY FIRST game in charge of England it took until the 28th minute, and then the fans were booing the side and booing him !! Just 28 minutes !! That's just beyond belief, incredible.

Ever since Tuesday night when Wayne Rooney sprained his ankle the press has been full of headlines about whether he will be fit to play for England, what will England do, how can England cope, England this, England that. Suddenly, they care about the England side, they care about what will happen. Well, they do until the next game is 20 minutes old, there are no goals and the booing and jeering starts again. They seem to forget, Wayne Rooney is first and foremost a Manchester United player !!

Sadly, he will be fit to play for England, not that I reallly care. What I DO care about is the fact he will be fit for Manchester United's campaign and their assault on a third consecutive Premier League title because, unlike England fans and the English media, we wont get on his back and give him and the other players a hard time if things don't always go the way we would like them to. Manchester United > England.


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