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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

So It's Between Chel$ki, The Bindippers And United Now ?

The Arse are up against it this year. According
to history in fact, us Manchester United fans
can write them off completely now. Which
sounds good to me but is it true ?

Well these stats suggest that Arsene Wenger might as
well raise the white flag now:

In each of the three seasons that Arsenal won the
Premier League, and in their near miss last year, they
were in the top two after seven games.

In two of their title winning seasons, as well as last year,
Arsenal went unbeaten through the first twelve games.

The last time Arsenal lost more than one of their first eight
games - 2005/06 - they finished fourth, 24 points off the
champions Chelsea.

Just one of the teams Arsenal have faced this season were
in the top half last year, compared to four of Chelsea, Man
United and Liverpool’s first seven opponents.

Using the previous play-off winners Derby in place of Hull
and last year’s 18th-placed side Reading in place of West
Brom, Arsenal took nineteen points from the equivalent
seven fixtures last season, compared to thirteen this year.

Arsenal started last season in blistering form and it wasn’t
until rain-sodden February that the cracks emerged in their
title challenge. With the fixture list giving them a helping
hand, everything was in place for another explosive start
this year but after losing at home to Hull last week and
escaping the Stadium of Light with a lucky point last week-
end, the Gunners could end the week as low as sixth, with
Manchester United poised to overtake with their game in

So are Arsenal out of the running already or are they just
doing things the hard way this season ?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why, oh why do Manc supporters focus so much energy on the happenings with my beloved Gunners? jealousy perhaps?