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Monday, 10 November 2008

Fat Frank Is Getting Excited A Bit Too Early Me Thinks !

manchester united frank lampard unitedFat Frank Lampard has thrown down the gauntlet to Manchester United by claiming the reigning champions cannot afford to lose any more games if they want to retain their crown. That is quite funny actually. We have lost two games to their one. The average amount of games lost when a team wins the league is around 4 or 5. So dear Frank, we can lose 3 more games and still win it !! Add to this the fact we have played the big 3 teams ALL AWAY FROM HOME already, gives us a rather nice run-in come next April/May. In fact, by the time Santa squeezes hit fat ass down your chimney Manchester United will have played ALL the teams in the top half of the table AWAY !!

Chelsea are eight points clear of United right now after their 2-0 win at Blackburn and United's defeat by Arsenal. But don't forget United do have a game in hand but Lampard believes it is far easier to set the pace than try to catch up. What he should say is "For Chelsea it seems easier to lead than play catch up" - Manchester United can win the league coming from behind or by leading !! We are not fussy either way !!

Lampard said: "It is a nice gap for us. It is far from over, but in the last two years it's been the other way round. We've been five points behind them and it is not easy. When you are chasing, you really can't afford to lose games. It is certainly easier when you are making the pace, because the points give you a bit of security. You have to remember Liverpool are neck and neck with us. But Man United and Arsenal, who are always big contenders, are those few points behind. It is not easy to chase, the pressure builds up and if you drop points you fall further behind. It's difficult either way, because the big four don't lose too many games or drop too many points. You certainly don't want to be too far behind at this point. We did it last year and we made a lot of ground up. But in the end we lost the title by two points, so it feels nice to be in the lead."Given the fact Manchester United will have played so many hard games away from home by the time December comes around........I would not be surprised if they put on an almighty surge after New Year and remain undefeated until May !! We'll see Frank, we'll see !! .....Back To Home Page


Wrighty7 said...

Hi Carly,

Great game the other day! Shame there was a loser really but there you go.

Keep up the good work on the site.

Anonymous said...

its getting so boring now...all the fat frank jibes....i think he's the dogs bollocks and i'm not the only one...shame utd aint got a player to touch him...i bet wile all the twats keep taunting him..not just about his amazing weigyht gain..christ wot they got xray vision..but also about the sad death of his mother..some really sick assholes around...he must be laughing all the way to the carry on booboys...he's worth his WEIGHT in gold... the chelsea loves him....