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Thursday, 6 November 2008

I Don't Hate Liverpool ........

I have an admission to make. I do not hate and have never hated Liverpool Football Club. Most probably because I just don't seem to think about them to be honest. I do not hate them simply because I have never been in fear of or intimidated by the institution/propaganda machine of Liverpool, the second most successful club in England for the past 20 years !!! I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who wrote that ‘Hatred is the cowards revenge for being intimidated,’ and for the last ten years since I followed United I have failed to subscribe to the hype from down the other end of the M62.

I have been amused and bemused by Liverpool’s obsession and hatred of all things Manchester United - but never have I been intimidated ! This enmity of course is based on success and which club is the biggest, most famous, most successful. Well I can answer that quite easily. Manchester United have the biggest ground, Manchester United have the biggest turnover, Manchester United have the better players and for the past 20 years Manchester United have had by far the most success - for someone who does not know who the best club has been for the past 20 years you’d have to ask an Eskimo which club is the most famous! It’s reminiscent of two heavy-weights slugging it out on the ropes looking for the knockout punch that never comes and the referee declares a draw.

This bitterness and rancour is purely a modern phenomenon. When it comes to football however both clubs are remarkably similar. Both have been touched by tragedies. Both were built up by Scots from mining stock that fashioned their respective clubs in their image. Their legacy can still be felt in the corridors of both stadiums! Bill Shankly and Matt Busby both have statues erected in their honour and you can feel them watching over the empires they built, like guardian angels! Liverpool fans perception is that the media has never given their achievements the credit they deserve whereas United success since the 90’s has been totally overstated. The ‘theatre of dreams’ tag and the Hollywood style film premiere of ‘Beyond the Promised Land’ about the 1999 season being two examples of brilliant marketing used by United that Liverpool failed to utilise in their time at the top !

……….and who can they blame but themselves ???

No I don’t hate Liverpool because they certainly don’t intimidate me - or SAF - or any Manchester United player or staff member………

I actually feel sorry for them these days because it must be so hard to sit in the shadows of Manchester United for 20 years and win a handful of trophies while United stack them higher and higher.....Back To Home Page

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