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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Manchester United Are The Kings Of Manchester

manchester united wayne rooney unitedManchester United striker Wayne Rooney has turned up the heat ahead of Sunday's match with Manchester City. Talking to the Manchester Evening News he threw a few taunts at Al-City just to let them know we mean business and to inform them that MANCHESTER UNITED ARE THE KINGS OF MANCHESTER!

“It will be nice to show them who are the Kings of Manchester, it doesn’t irritate us that City are getting all this publicity. If they were winning trophies it would irritate me but while they are still lingering in mid-table I am not really too bothered about it. We owe the fans a derby win even though we did win two trophies last season. Losing both games was extremely disappointing. Sunday is a massive game for the players, the fans and the club especially after what has happened at City with the takeover.”

City have been the headline makers this season due to Sheikh Mansour’s dramatic takeover in August. They immediately became the richest club in the world, breaking the British transfer record and stunning world football with the £32.5m signing of Robinho.

All this jibber-jabber from Al-City fans about how much money they have and how they will buy Ronaldo, Kaka, Messi and every other half decent player on the planet makes me laugh my butt right off. When Abramobitch turned up at Chelsea we heard it all.....5 years later they have 2 titles and an FA Cup, hardly world beating stuff is it?

Money is handy to have of course, it enables you to buy plenty of good players but you need more than that. You need history and passion, a manager with the ability to pull it all together for you and most of all you need players who understand the fans and understand the club and all that has gone before them which inspires a will to win within them.......and money can't buy you that, no matter how much of it you have !!! .....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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