"At United there were some incredible things happening. Everyone was allowed to eat what they wanted and one must remember that the English diet is just like people say. Every two weeks we had to be checked out on a machine that measured the amount of fat we had in our bodies. It would be a surprise that none of the players broke the machine because of the amount of hamburgers and beer they had. The gaffer, as Ferguson is known in Manchester, spoke in English with a Scottish accent but it sounded like Chinese to me. But I was not the worst and there are players still there who do not understand him yet."

Mr Pique, no offence, but you couldn't make it at Old Trafford and had to go back to Barcelona where you will probably be good enough for their first team. Oh......and despite being a bunch of hamburger munching, beer swilling fatties, our boys are Champions of England.......oh and Champions of Europe too !!! Perhaps you and your Barca Boys might like to get some meat on your skinny bones and come and take us on, lol, we'll whoop ya butts for ya Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!