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Friday, 21 November 2008

Pitch Invader At Celtic Park Gets Jailed For 6 Months

manchester united celtic unitedJohn Murphy aged 18 from Glenavon Road in Glasgow has been thrown in jail for 6 months after he did a one man pitch invasion during the Celtic 'v'Manchester United Champions League clash at Celtic Park on November 5th. Quite right too. What on earth happens inside these drunkards minds when they have a drink ? They seem to think they can take on the world or do as they please. I've known guys who are so nice when sober, then they have a drink and they say some disgusting things and I just completely disown them then. This guy is a complete and utter clown who has probably consumed four cans of lager and then thinks it is OK to do just as he pleases and run onto the pitch, bloody asshole should be locked up for longer if you ask me.
John Murphy was also banned from attending national or international football matches for five years, one of the longest such banning orders imposed in Scotland. Play had to actually be stopped because of him. He also admitted charges of breaching the peace and being drunk in a sports ground when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier this month. Celtic were also fined £42,430 by UEFA for the invasion and for the late start to the game, which ended 1-1.

Sheriff Linda Ruxton who seemed a bit non-plussed by this behaviour said his actions were "dangerous and irresponsible". Also adding: "Not only did you create a situation in which there were fears for the safety of the players on the pitch, but you interrupted a high profile match and created a situation which might easily have provoked serious public disorder. Furthermore, you brought Scottish football generally and Celtic Football Club in particular into disrepute and your behaviour caused the club to be fined a substantial amount."

She was actually going to lock him away for nine months but reduced this as he pleaded guilty. Though what that has to do with it is beyond me as the TV cameras showed he was guilty anyway ! After sentencing she also added: "Such a sentence is particularly designed to have a deterrent effect on others who need to appreciate that such behaviour at football matches will not be tolerated by the courts." She did let him off with the charge of drunkeness which I found rather amusing, I doubt he does though.......
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