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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Ronaldo Kicked Off The Park, Wayne Dives And Manchester United Draw

manchester united cristiano ronaldo unitedVillarreal's coach Manuel Pellegrini took time out to deny any allegations that his team had targetted Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo for some rough treatment last night in the Champions League clash. Which I find highly amusing. Two players were booked for challenges on him and one received a straight red card when he slid in, studs showing and slammed into the side of Ronnie's knee. Camera close ups clearly showed the stud marks on his leg, but because it's Ronaldo that doesn't seem to matter and the crowd booed Ronaldo for getting fouled, amazing! Watch the highlights here and judge for yourself.

"It was not a rough game, and you have to challenge Ronaldo." Pelligrini said after the game.

Sir Alex was pleased with the way the referee Roberto Rosetti handled the match. He mentioned how he thought Ronaldo needs protecting from this kind of treatment and last night he got it, so well done to this ref. It's nice to see a referee getting some praise and actually having the conviction to punish things that he saw were wrong, leaving Sir Alex happy for once.

"The systematic fouling on him is what is happening in our game now. That is a tactic. Someone fouls him, then someone else has another foul. The referee thinks he is diving all the time, and the crowd are screaming. So that is the problem. The referee was very fair and strict with both teams. Capdevila may not have got that red card in England - so there is different interpretation of the physical aspect of the game in European matches."

Wayne Rooney apologised to Sir Alex and then apologised publicly in the newspapers for his 'dive', believing he had won a penalty. The striker's action incensed the crowd, but Rosetti did not book him. Ferguson said: "I think Wayne anticipated the challenge, because he was expecting a penalty kick. It is unusual for him to do that. I have seen it, and he has apologised to me. I think he has been watching Pires too much. At least Wayne apologised to the Villarreal players. You would never see Pires do that."

This match was the fourth consecutive game these two teams have played now. 360 minutes and not a goal between them. Let's all pray now they don't meet in the final. If they do, let's hope we get the same referee. It's such a pleasure to see someone with an attitude like him and the conviction to stand by what is right for once....More Cristiano Ronaldo Videos Here .......Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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