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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Berbatov Braced For The Abuse

berbatov returns to spurs with manchester united No doubt today Dimitar Berbatov will receive a barrage of abuse and a hostile reception from the Spurs fans. I'm not sure why they would want to do that. It was their club Spurs who chose to sell him to United. It's not unlike the Michael Carrick deal. They sold Carrick to United because they wanted £18m instead. Now they sold Berba to us and pocketed £30.75m and got Frazier Campbell into the deal. They didn't have to do it, so the fans should be channelling their abuse at Daniel Levy who authorised the sales I think.

Sir Alex has been speaking on the subject on the eve of the game: “He’s [Berbatov] going to get the reception we expect in the modern day. I mentioned last week about the change in supporters’ participation in football. So as Berbatov well knows he is going to get a lot of abuse from the fans. I don’t think you will change it. It is modern society. It’s because Berbatov was coming to Manchester United. If he had been going anywhere else there wouldn’t have been so much of a furore. For some reason they still regret selling Michael Carrick to us — that’s their biggest problem. But they wanted to sell him to us. They can’t blame us.”

Daniel Levy did a good job stretching out the Berbatov deal for a full year. Then getting Campbell thrown in too was a good move.

Ferguson said: “They milked it well that last day — they milked it very well and they got Fraizer Campbell into the bargain. They got a good deal. They can’t complain about that.” .....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

1 comment:

LillyWhite said...

Berbatov forced his sale by moping about and pretty much quitting on Spurs. He had become such a distraction on and off the pitch that he simply had to go. The last thing Spurs wanted to do was sell him but his behavior forced it. It is true that ultimately the deal has turned out pretty well for Spurs, although we have a rather Dracula sized hole where he used to be! Bent and Roman aren't near the sulking Bulgarian's quality.