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Monday, 29 December 2008

Dozing Berbatov Wins It For Manchester United Against Middlesborough

manchester united blog blackburn rovers berbatovManchester United continued their good form after returning from Japan by scraping past Middlesborough tonight. The one thing that has worried me all season was this Club World Cup. I had visions of United jetting off to Japan to take part in this competition and whilst they were away, Liverpool and Chelsea would both notch up wins leaving us with a mountain to climb. But that didn't happen. While United became World Champions both the leaders stuttered and gave United a much easier task than they could have been left with.

Happy days for us indeed. Since returning to the UK they have notched up two wins and both have been hard fought. Tonight Dimitar Berbatov dozed through 69 minutes of Manchester United's home game with Middlesbrough on Monday before scoring the only goal to keep the champions in touch with the Premier League leaders.

Berbatov appeared an uninterested, bored observer for much of a freezing night at Old Trafford as team mate Cristiano Ronaldo missed half a dozen chances to secure a lead against a Boro team who had not won in their seven previous games.

However, when the visiting defence failed to properly clear a Michael Carrick cross Berbatov was well placed near the penalty spot to steer it back past Ross Turnbull for the decisive goal.

United remain third in the standings on 38 points but with two games in hand on their three main rivals. Liverpool, who thumped Newcastle United 5-1 away on Sunday, lead the way on 45 points, with Chelsea second on 42.

Arsenal are fourth (35), ahead of Aston Villa (35).........the quadruple is still on !!!

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Sam said...

Carly, there is a typo in the title of your post. We won against Middlesbrough recently and not Blackburn.

carlyluvsunited said...

LMAO - thanks Sam, I am going mad I think. I keep writing Blackburn for this game, I must be obsessed with them or something. Daft bitch.

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