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Monday, 1 December 2008

The Manchester United Almanac

This Weeks Book Review:
The Official Manchester United Almanac
Written by: John D. T. White Foreward by: Sir Alex Ferguson CBE

You've worn the shirt, you've witnessed the drama and
now it's time to uncover the great legacy that lies
behind Manchester United.

In the new and revised Manchester United
biographic dedicated to the past leg-
ends of the club, John D.T white serves up his
latest instalment

'The Official Manchester United Almanac'

with a comprehensive overview of the reds
ground breaking success both in Euro-
pean and domestic competition. In his fifth
book about United, this offers an in depth
look at the players, movers and shakers
down the years whose skills have
graced the Old Trafford turf.

Foreworded by Sir Alex Ferguson himself,
this book offers those who truly bleed
red the ultimate United experience to
feel a part of the club's illustrious history
with a look at the winning philosophy
adopted by legendary manager Sir Matt
Busby that moulded the club's youth
academy and became the pillar of their
success, marking a club tradition and
identity still upheld today.

Whether it's Norman Whiteside making
history in an FA Cup final or King Eric's poetic
justice of the mid 1990's, Reds fanatics
are sure to be overwhelmed by this chrono-
logical account of events which is tracked
over twelve calendar months. This timeless
documentation of all there is to know
about United will please all readers as White
blends past and present events to underpin
the Old Trafford club's unchanging identity
without limiting its genius to 'beginning'
and 'end' as most club biographies do.

Undoubtedly the book touches on the
most pivotal moments which shaped the club's
legacy - from their formation as a Newton
Heath FC to the euphoria of their first ever
English league triumph, which would set
a precedent for future success. It also feat-
ures a moving account of the victims of
the Munich air disaster on February 6 1958
to which the book is dedicated.

However, the downside to this book is
the absence of Manchester United's Champions
League final triumph in May 2008. The
climatic end to a hard fought race with arch rivals
Chelsea for an unprecedented double,
which came to the boil in a scintillating encounter
in Moscow. The game which ended in an
epic penalty shoot victory for United was arg-
uably the most poigniant tribute to the
Bubsy babes on the 50th anniversary year of the
disaster, but is not included here.

Regardless of the books notable misgivings,
it is packed with a glossary of handy club
trivia for those stato's looking to brush up
on their club knowledge as its comprehensive
delivery of club facts and accounts bridges
the gap between fan and club.

This is the ultimate club bible every Red
across the globe has been anticipating for the
last 10 years and will teach you all you
ever wanted to know about managers, players
and the history of Manchester United.
Its infectious display of football history makes
an attractive read both for neutral and avid
United fans and is sure to leave you hooked,
dare I say a converted Red as you uncover
the phenomenon which is United with the
turning of every page.


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