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Monday, 8 December 2008

Wayne's Wages And Coleen's Cash Revealed

Mr and Mrs Rooney are up in arms because the amount of cash they really earn has been revealed in detail. The Manchester United striker and his wife – together worth around £35million – are locked in a bitter court battle with sports agency Proactive.

Rooney has several lucrative deals going on at the moment ON TOP of his basic £90,000 per week for playing at United. He has £760,000 twice yearly for his image rights (seems a tad expensive to me, no offence Roon). He also rakes in £1million a year from Nike, £118,689.57 twice a year from computer games giant EA and has made £3.55million so far from a 12-year, five-book deal.

Former supermarket checkout girl Coleen has earned £283,334 for an eight-book deal. That must be rivetting stuff all about her journey from the checkout to WAG but hey, if people buy it good luck to her. The 22-year-old also pockets £41,667 a month for her column in OK!, £13,000 for each of the 10 episodes of her Coleen’s Real Women TV show and £5,000 a month for her column in Closer. £41,667 a month for a column in OK is incredible. I just wish someone would pay me 10% of that for writing this blog, it's quite time consuming. I can't say I've ever read her column to be honest.

Also laid bare in the papers filed at a Leeds court were the cost of their wedding which included £18,933.97 for Wayne’s stag week in Ibiza and £2,622 for a first class return flight to New York for Coleen’s assistant to collect designer jewellery. I would have spent £10 on postage but there you go, maybe that would have been too easy.

Proactive claims it is owed two months’ commission by the couple. It also says Wayne owes nearly £19,000 for using its credit card to cover stag weekend bills. A spokesman confirmed a writ was served. He said: “We tried to resolve this and it’s regrettable we had to take this course of action.” A spokesman for the Rooneys said: “Wayne and Coleen are angry that this has gone to court.” I find it most amusing how these modern day footballers try and cream all the cash they can from the media. One example is the fee the Rooney's grabbed for their wedding photos, believed to be £1m...then they moan and complain when the media publish things like this. Take the rough with the smooth I say, you can't have your cake and eat it. If you thrust yourself into the limelight as they always do, then be prepared for things like this to happen.


* £90,000 a week (basic) from Manchester United

* £760,000 every six months from the club for image rights

* £1m a year from Nike

* £118,689.57 twice a year from EA Games, right

* £600,000 for a four-year contract with Coca-Cola

* £3.55m for a five-book, 12-year deal


* £41,667 a month for a column in OK! magazine

* £13,000 per episode (10 in total) of model search show, Coleen’s Real Women

* £5,000 a month for her column in Closer magazine

* £283,334 for an eight-book deal

* £50,000 in royalties from her first two books

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