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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Manchester United 'v' Everton 2nd Half

And we're off again! United are attacking the Stretford End in the second half

48 mins: Carrick goes over Lescott's leg in the Everton area, but he's looking for it and the penalty award isn't given. Neither is a free kick to Everton up the other end as Neville pulls Pienaar back. The Everton midfielder still gets a shot in, but it's easily claimed by Van der Sar.

51 min: Tevez takes possession of a low cross from the right, spins out wide and hammers a shot which only just goes over the bar. That was lovely play.

55 min: Tevez is allowed to run at the Everton area, Jagielka backing off. He eventually sends a shot curling towards the bottom-right corner, but there's no power in it and Howard gets down easily to claim.

56 min:
Gary Neville, whose body is slowly shutting down, is replaced by Brown.

58 min: Osman and Fellaini combine well just outside the United area. The latter nearly spins clear, but Brown tussles with him and eventually clears

60 min: Everton are awarded a free kick, centrally, over 30 yards out, thanks to some general Brown clumsiness. The resulting effort is low, hard, and never beating Van der Sar from that distance.

63 min: Everton are seeing a fair bit of the ball but not really doing a whole lot with it.

66 min: Tevez executes a fancy dragback on the edge of the Everton area, then nearly finds Berbatov in the box. Other than that piece of mild excitement, nothing much has been happening here.

68 min: Fellaini is replaced by... er, I'll get back to you about that.

71 min: Pienaar slides in on Carrick just outside the United area, to the right of the D. That should really have been a booking, but wasn't. Tevez attempts to curl the ball into the top right. His shot pings up off the wall and requires tipping over the bar by Howard. Nothing comes of the resulting corner.

74 min: Fellaini was replaced by Anichebe, who heads a long ball out left to Pienaar. Pienaar has time, but doesn't use it well, shaping to shoot for the top-right corner of the net and just about finding the top-right corner of the stadium.

75 min: Giggs comes on for Fletcher.

77 min: Everton have achieved next to nothing during this half. A very poor show indeed.

79 min: It's quite open and end-to-end, this game. Thing is, though, Everton have no cutting edge up front at all. Which is probably why United are content to keep it like this.

81 min: Carrick wins a corner after his weak shot is deflected well wide. Giggs pings it in. Ronaldo blazes a header way over the bar from eight yards out.

83 min: Vidic upends Pienaar 35 yards out on the right. Arteta swings the ball into the box. Cahill attempts an overhead kick. The ball comes off his shin and balloons into the sky. Lescott is under it six yards out. Ferdinand places a hand on the Everton defender's shoulder. Lescott falls backwards - and while he went down easily, those penalty decisions have been given. Not this time, though. Everton aren't too happy.

87 min: Park cuts inside from the left and hammers a shot towards Howard's near post. The Everton keeper is determined not to be beaten like that two games in a row, and parries clear. Edwin van der Sar, by the way, broke the English record set by Reading's Steve Death for not conceding a league goal a few minutes back there. Death, of course, didn't have a collection of the world's most expensive players in front of him while running up his 1,103 minutes. Still, well done Edwin!

90 min: This will be over in three minutes. FULL TIME: Manchester United 1-0 Everton. So Everton lose at Old Trafford. As you always knew they would.....

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