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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Spurs Are Sunk By An Old Pal: Manchester United In The Fifth Round Of The Cup

manchester united blog fa cup fourth round united beat spurs danny welbeck carlos tevezManchester United knocked Spurs out of the FA Cup albeit by only two goals to one. But to be honest United outplayed them for long periods of time during the whole match.

Goal number one would have been a spectacular effort by Paul Scholes but as it took a deflection from Huddlestone it was marked down as an own goal. Then Carrick played a superb through ball to Berbatov who took it superbly with one touch and fired it home for United's second goal in 90 seconds after Pavlyuchenko had given Spurs a one goal lead after just four minutes.

So, a victory for United and they march onto the fifth round.

For me though, I was particularly impressed with two guys today and they share man of the match in my opinion. First was 17 year old Danny Welbeck. He was amazing. Every pass that was launched at him, he casually brought it under control and played the ball simply and acurately all afternoon. His raw talent is amazing. Even if Scholes fired on of his masterful 60 yard cross field passes to him, Welbeck just seems to stick his foot out and the ball sticks to it. He is also capable of making strong runs into the box and getting the defenders in a right frenzy.

Second man of the match is Carlos Tevez. What can I say about this guy. Along with Ji Sung Park he must be one of the most hard working guys you will ever lay your eyes on in the Premier League. Today he covered a monstrous 15.2 km or ten miles !!! Yes that's right, TEN MILES !!! Considering most of it is in fast bursts of acceleration followed by a slow jog then springting he must be immensely fit to do this. Strong - he is as strong as on ox and today he showed us what hard work is all about.

Manchester United reach the fifth roud but I was more impressed with Welbeck and tevez. Absolutely fantastic performances.....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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