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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Will Manchester United Keep Cristiano Ronaldo?

As the new transfer window opens today guess what? We have new Cristiano Ronaldo speculation. However, unlike in the summer, this time Ronnie is quick to suppress and 'silly talk' of him moving to Madrid and has said he is more than happy with Manchester United.

The whole of last summer was full of rumours and make believe newspaper stories about him moving to the Bernabau, most of them started by Marca, the Spanish sports newspaper linked to Madrid. They have a history of 'fantasy football'.

In a recent interview, Ronaldo insisted he was happy and settled in Manchester and not interested in a move.

He said: "There's always speculation, not just about me, but about the future of players all around the world. People were speaking about me this summer but that was normal because of what I did during the season. What people are saying now is not true. Whoever says that is a liar because I am happy at the club, I want to stay here. I feel at home here. I feel very happy here."

It was obvious rumours would be started about moves to this club or that club last year. He had scored 42 goals in all competitions which is remarkable for a winger. But once the dust settled on the transfer market, he was welcomed back to Old Trafford by the United faithful at the start of the new season and insisted he was never worried about what the fans thought about him.

"I think the people don't forget quickly what you do for the club. When I arrived at the stadium, to play my first game of this season against Villarreal, I felt a little bit of pressure. But the fans were very good and this is why I feel the Manchester United supporters are amazing. I love the fans because they have been brilliant with me, not just this season but every season. Like I said before, I feel at home in Manchester."

I would be astounded if he were to go to another club any time soon. But in this weird and wonderful world of football, we can never be sure of anything!

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