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Saturday, 7 February 2009

CR7 Slates Ibrahimovich, Mourinho And Inter

cristiano ronaldo zlatan ibrahimovich interv milan champions leagueCristiano Ronaldo, while speaking to Italian television company RAI, has sent a message out to Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Manchester United are stronger than Inter and he is better than Ibrahimovich. Not that any of us United fans had any doubts about this, but Zlatan has been shooting his mouth off a bit lately along with the 'Special one'. Maybe we call them the 'Special Two' as they both have their heads up each others arses.

United clash with Inter later in the last 16 of the Champions League and we all know who Ronaldo thinks will win. When does he ever suffer from lack of confidence or being afraid of anyone ?

“Inter are a strong side with great players, but we are better than them and I firmly believe we’ll be able to beat them, by eliminating Inter, we can feel a step closer to the Final.”

Jose Mourinho began the 'mind games' last month by declaring that Ibrahimovic was “a better player” than Ronaldo and more deserving of the Ballon d’Or.

“I respect everyone’s opinion, but the trophies that count are in my house.

He was also critical of Inter and Mourinho for failing to get the best out of Ricardo Quaresma, who was sent on loan to Chelsea just six months after signing.

“Ricardo has great quality and it’s a shame he didn’t get the chance to prove his true value, he was wonderful at Porto and with the Portugal jersey, so he cannot be judged on the basis of just a few games that were not up to his usual standard. It's probably the fact he was bought for so much money that put excessive pressure on him and it's not easy to do well in Italy right away".......Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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