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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Munich - Fifty One Years

The Munich air disaster on 6 February 1958 claimed
the lives of 23 passengers and crew.

Here, Carly remembers the eight Manchester United
players and three officials who died, through the words
of those who knew them best.

Roger Byrne -
aged 28, full-back. 277 appearances, 19 goals,
33 England caps.

"An aristocratic footballer, majestic in his movement.
Roger was so fast but at the same time he controlled
his movement beautifully, like Nureyev." - Sir Matt Busby

Geoff Bent - aged 25, full-back. 12 appearances.

"When Geoff matured and reached his twenties there
were many clubs after him but he stayed loyal.

He could look after himself and was a great
tackler. Roger Byrne was a consistent player and
very brave, that was the reason Geoff got few
games, but was good enough to hold a regular
place in any team." - Jimmy Murphy

Eddie Colman - aged 21, half-back. 107 appearances,
2 goals.

"Eddie was a chirpy lad and a terrific player.
He pushed the ball - never kicked it - and he jinked
past players. He was known for his swivel hips."
- Wilf McGuinness

David Pegg - aged 22, forward, 148 appearances, 28 goals,
1 England cap.

"David would have been a great asset to any team because
he was a natural, left-flank player. David was very,
very clever.

Our best left-winger by a mile." - Sir Matt Busby

Mark Jones - aged 24, half-back, 120 appearances, 1 goal.

"Yorkshireman Mark was a really lovely fellow,
but my word he was a tough nut, and nobody took
any liberties with him on or off the field." - Bill Foulkes

Duncan Edwards - aged 21, half-back, 175 apps., 21 goals,
18 England
caps, 5 goals.

"When I used to hear Muhammad Ali proclaim to
the world he was the greatest, I used to smile.
The greatest of them all was a young footballer named
Duncan Edwards." - Jimmy Murphy

"The only player who ever made me feel inferior."
- Sir Bobby Charlton

Tommy Taylor - aged 26, forward, 189 apps., 128 goals,
19 England caps,
16 goals

"I rate him as one of the all-time, best centre-forwards
in the game, and he had yet to realise all his potential.
He was a typically bluff Yorkshireman in many
ways, often acting the clown, and a great team man."
- Bill Foulkes

Liam 'Billy' Whelan - aged 22, forward, 96 apps., 52 goals,
4 Republic of
Ireland caps

"Billy was a magician with a ball at his feet. I really don't
think he knew how good he was and how much
better he could have become. A world-class forward.
There is no doubt about that.

His vision and passing was sheer class." - Albert Scanlon

Walter Crickmer,club secretary/Tom Curry,trainer/
Bert Whalley

"Walter Crickmer always reminded me of a little dynamo,
nothing was too much trouble.

Tom Curry, the trainer, was someone we looked up to like
a father.

Bert Whalley was certainly a tremendous help to me when I
was a part-timer." - Bill Foulkes

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