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Sunday, 8 March 2009

FA Cup Semi Final Draw

The draw for the FA Cup Semi Finals was made today at 6.45pm and it gave us a North West derby in one semi and a possible London derby in the second one.

Full draw:

Chelsea 'v' Arsenal/Hull City

Manchester United 'v' Everton

I am quite happy with this draw as we have got the easier of the four teams, but don't get me wrong here. Everton are a great side with David Moyes at the helm and it is going to be a difficult match up.

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The Arsenal Labradoodle said...

Totally Fixed.

Like they were going to have Chelsea Play United. IN the Semi's.

Give me a Break.

Shuggo said...

Come off it, how is it fixed?

carlyluvsunited said...

Load of bollocks, that's all that is. It's the usual crap we hear from Arse fans and Scousers and the Rent Boys. Everything is arranged in United's favour, Ronaldo can't pklay football to save his life, he just dives everywhere and Fergie has the FA in his pocket and bribes everyone. No prrof of any of it, no evidence has ever emerged to back any of it up, it's just wild accusations from half wit fans who are jealous of United, simple as that.

The Arsenal Labradoodle said...

Well to tell the truth - it was a bit tounge and cheek, which doesn't always come off well online. No I don't think someone got paid off - however - as an Arsenal Supporter - It is easy to look at it and say - Typical.

As far as Ronaldo - he is an awesome footballer - but he also is the first alternate on the 2012 Summer Olympics Men's Diving Team for Portuagal. Any you know I am right on that.

As we say in the USA -

COME GET SOME>.. See you in the finals - HA!.

Ok off to the Gym,

carlyluvsunited said...

OK, sorry for having a go at you but it does get repetitive all these people saying everything is fixed and blah blah blah. With the media getting such close access to everyone and everything as soon as ANY wrong doings occurred they would be picked up in a flash by the newspapers.

You say typical....

Check out Manchester United's last 23 opponents in the FA Cup.....then check out Arsenal's. We've had 19 Premier League teams in our last 23 FA Cup I guess this is typical, we have another one now, while you got to play Burnley !!!

The Arsenal Labradoodle said...


Carly you have got to ignore somethings some time. As people will say what they want. I am a gunner fan and I would have preferred to play Everton ( if we over Hull city that's) but then I don't think anything is fixed here.

People ( gunners, scoudes and blues) tend to believe everything is always in United's favour because of the way they get favoured by the refs.

Out of 10 decisions, you expect 8 to be in favour of United and I am sure you know that's true.

I am not talking about match fixing here but the refs' decisions when it comes to United are always questionable and there is no denying that.

One of such decisions is the number of penalties for United compared to those against them.

Timothy Abbott said...

Good morning Doodle,

"It was fixed" is the last argument of the desperate.

Oh yeah, you support a team struggling to get in the Champions League, don't you.

Can't vouch for Carly's statistics but I have sat through a decade of United games and it never felt like competition draws favoured us (or were against us). Now referees decisions, that's another matter which I'll happily put down to 'home advantage'.

carlyluvsunited said...

Penalties awarded against the Premier League teams since the EPL started are:

1. Manchester United: 18 (8 home, 10 away)
2. Arsenal: 23 (8 home, 15 away)
3. Chelsea: 29 (8 home, 21 away)
4. Liverpool: 32 (11 home, 21 away)
5. Middlesbrough: 37 (16 home, 21 away)
6. Everton: 39 (16 home, 23 away)
7. Newcastle: 44 (15 home, 29 away)
8. Tottenham: 48 (18 home, 30 away)
9. Aston Villa: 49 (16 home, 33 away)

Regardless, Ruel Fox who for a long time was the only player to score a pen at OT in the Prem gave the most sensible and obvious answer.

Basically, he said what do you expect when at OT the amount of play in the visitors penalty area is vastly more than in the United area.

If the opposition are playing in their OWN penalty area trying to keep United out, as is the case in most games, then it is obvious to anyone United will get penalties awarded FOR them and not many against them. To win a penalty they have to put United under pressure in United's penalty area, and it doesn't happen very often.

The Arsenal Labradoodle said...

Soccer Fan Base
And Tim Abbot.

Sounds like you Missed my subsequent posts about it being Tounge and Cheek you know...

"term used to refer to humor in which a statement, or an entire fictional work, is not meant to be taken seriously, but its lack of seriousness is subtle."