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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jose Sings United's Praises And Backs Them For A Quintuple !

Jose Mourinho was gracious in defeat, and he has even said Manchester United will go on to retain their Champions League and complete a clean sweep of five trophies this season.

The Special One claimed United had enjoyed more than their fair share of lucky breaks as they beat his side2-0 to advance to the last eight but he was good enough to heap praise on Fergie's boys. He said United is basically the same side he knew when he was Chelsea but they have matured incredibly over the past two years.

They have basically the same team as when I was at Chelsea, there is only Berbatov who is new. But they have been together for four or five years. They are not young anymore - the age average is 26-27 if you forget Giggs and Scholes. They are in the right moment to be at the top of their careers. They reached the maximum level. They have experience, quality, great physical condition and intensity in their game. That is what the Champions League is about. So yes, I think they can do it (win five trophies).'

Admittedly, Milan did go close with two attempts hitting the woodwork from Ibrahimovic and Adriano.

You have to say that United deserved to win, they scored two goals over the course of the two games and we have to accept that, in football, the team that wins always deserves it but I don't think we should be negative about my team's display. We played a great match against a great team. We just lacked that little bit of luck you need to win, that little thing that makes difference between winning and not winning. We went one down after couple of minutes but we had three chances to score in first half, more than our opponents, and we hit the bar from three metres out. In the second half we lost another goal but we continued to play and we showed great character. Always when you talk about luck it seems as if you are trying to forget about the quality of the opponent. That's not true (for me). United are a quality team and they showed exactly why they are European champions. But not all defeats are the same. The players came here with no psychological barriers, they played a great game and I hope they have the same feeling. Tomorrow (Friday) we will be back in training. We have not been good enough to win the Champions League but we are good enough to win the Scudetto and I'm sure we will go on and win it.'
I actually quite like this guy, even though I give him a hard time. He speaks his mind and says what is in his heart and that's a good sign. When he manages a team not only does he take care of them on the pitch but he stands tall and defends them off the pitch too, he will be one of the all time greats I'm sure. Would I like to see him follow Fergie ? I really think he will, so yes, yes I would.....

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The Arsenal Labradoodle said...

So United and Arsenal are though -Never had any doubt today - Yeah Right.

The Arsenal Labradoodle said...

Too bad Inter didn't show up though eh?

carlyluvsunited said...

I feared for The Arse at the end of the second half, it was looking all doom and gloom but they came through so well done

carlyluvsunited said...

Inter are not all that. These Spanish and Italian teams fancy themselves a bit too much that's all, lol.

MOID said...

manutd rox...
glory glory manutd !!!

Calry i have becum ur fan...Ur blogs r amazing every time :)