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Friday, 17 April 2009

Fergie Points Out Rafa's Arrogance

Sir Alex has once again had a swipe at The Fat Spanish Waster, Rafa Beneathus. Rafa seems to think he and his team are a cut above the rest and showed complete disrespect and contempt toward Sal Allardyce and Blackburn Rovers last Saturday. Rafa really needs to think before he speaks as on several occassions this season he has made himself and his club look like a bunch of amateur clowns to be perfectly honest. His attempts at 'mind games' are baffling, often resulting in bad results for his team. He really should learn to button it from now on and let his team (try) and do the talking.

Fergie spoke about David Moyes and his excellent Everton team who are a challenge for anyone as they play at the moment.

"Moyes has a young squad that will get better. The young players he has in the team, allied to the ones he has brought in, have a good future. He’s done a great job. Moyes has been there for five years now and he has built a good football club. Irrespective of what Rafael Benitez says – he called them a small club – they are a big club. But that just points to [Benitez's] arrogance. There’s one thing about the arrogance he has shown. But one thing you can’t forgive is his contempt for [Blackburn Rovers manager] Sam Allardyce last week. When Liverpool scored their second goal against Blackburn; he made a gesture which suggested the game was finished. It was absolute contempt and I don’t think Sam Allardyce deserved it. Sam is a guy who has worked so hard for the League Manager’s Association and looked after young players in the game. He didn’t deserve that. He had to play a team that was weakened, and to get that kind of contempt… I don’t think any other Liverpool manager would have done that."

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