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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Kaka To Manchester United As Ronaldo Leaves For Madrid.

I read this on Clubcall and was wondering to myself is there much truth in it? Would this really happen? Is it a possibility?

Manchester United are reported to have held talks with AC Milan star Kaka with a view to wrapping up a summer swoop. Representatives of the Brazilian are said to have met up with United officials on Friday to discuss a possible deal and now the ball is in the club's court according to sources close to the player.

If United are keen they would first have to match Milan's sky high valuation, thought to be in the region of £100m, before agreeing to the Brazilian's personal demands. Whether United are keen remains to be seen but reports are rife suggesting a deal could be on the cards.

"It was a very positive meeting, although nothing was agreed," the source has been quoted as saying. "The player wants a five-year contract and wages of £135,000 a week. He is very keen to join United and these are figures that are within United's pay structure. It's up to them what happens now."

I suppose if Ronaldo were to move to Real Madrid, then it would be a logical move to find someone in the same class to replace him. But why would Kaka want to leave AC Milan? Maybe the fact their team is getting rather old now and their effectiveness in the Champions League seems to have wavered a bit in recent years would be reason enough.

Why would Kaka want to come and play in the Premier League? I think every player in Europe would like to play in the EPL to be honest. Right now it's the best and most successful league in the world.

Surely United wouldn't pay 100 million Euros for a player. The day will come when football has it's first 100 million Euro, or £100 million player, so why not now? I think in the current climate Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo could all be valued at around the £100 million mark. That's not to say they are worth that. Many people criticise Ronaldo and say he is not worth £100 million, but that's irrelevant. People seem to forget that their opinions are worthless when it comes to valuing players. The people who say he is not worth 50, 60, 70 or £100 million are talking through their asses.

The simple fact is.....a player is worth whatever sum of money he commands on the open market. If Ronaldo were to come up for sale, after a fall out with Fergie for instance, and Fergie was determined to get rid of him no matter what, and the best bid was £50 million, then he IS worth £50 million. A players value comes down to the simple fact that he is only worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for him.

AC Milan say they want 100 million euros for Kaka, to them he is worth that much. I agree he is worth somewhere in that region too. Manchester United can afford to pay this money. He is demanding £135,000 per week sources say, and that is within United's pay structure. Add to this the fact Kaka has openly said on many occasions that he wants to play in the EPL and this deal is not as crazy as it sounds.

Personally, I don't think Ronaldo is going anywhere as it happens. If Ronaldo stays then we certainly wont be signing Kaka, not a chance. But, if Fergie were to sell Ronaldo, he does have a habit of quelling the fans displeasure at some of his transfer dealings by coming up with replacements and results that soon make United fans forgive him.

Exit Ronaldo, enter Kaka is a good scenario, and it's the only way either of these players is going anywhere, but would you be happy with this exchange, do you believe it will happen, is it on the cards or is all this rumour mongering a ploy by the newspapers to get us to but their goods, no matter what they write is true or not?

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Robert Boseley said...

I live and die with MU - and that's hard when living in the USA. Ronaldo is difficult to like - however I have managed to do it. SAF could use both Kaka and Ronaldo. The problem is - I doubt Ronny can "use" Kaka.

Love your blog.

Martin said...

Kaka is undoubtably a quality player, but a replacement for Ronaldo? Kaka is like a midfield version of Berbatov - he likes to play the game at his own pace.

If we lose Ronaldo, which seems possible then there is only Messi who I think could come into the side and do a similar job.

PS, has Fergie forgot that Giggs's outstanding performances this season have come when he has played centre of midfield? it was his games played in the centre of midfield in the first half of the season that had people endosing him for PFA player of the season...

Tim Babbage said...

Kaka would be an effective replacement and actually could be better long term for the club. He is more of a playmaker as well as a scorer and if he moves somewhere will be looking to be there for the rest of his career (six or seven years).

Ronaldo is going, CR9 all set up for end of season. I think the amounts will be more like 70M pounds for each. Sad to lose Ronaldo but long term we need to make sure we have players that expect to be there for five plus years to build.

Nothing like Berbatov, ludicrous suggestion.

londonero said...

I know this is of the subject but while were talking about berba do you feel we made a mistake buying him? Did we score more goals with teves and Rooney up front? interested to here some thoughts.

londonero said...

I know this is of the subject but while were talking about berba do you feel we made a mistake buying him? Did we score more goals with teves and Rooney up front? interested to here some thoughts.

Martin said...

No, he isn't like Berbatov - he likes to play the game at his own pace - like Berbatov, I'm not saying they are similar players, that would be a ludicrous suggestion as you say.

But great players do play the game at their own pace, regardless of the general pace of the game going on around them. Bryan Robson always found time to put his foot on the ball and look up, regardless of the pace of the game around him.