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Friday, 15 August 2008

Berbatov Is Sulky - What A Load Of Old Tosh !!

Everyone is sulky sometimes. A lot of people always mention that Berbatov is sulky, moody and
disruptive and it makes me laugh to be honest. I personally believe Berbatov is nowhere near
his best, we haven't seen all he has. For four years now I have classed him as a footballing
genious if given the chance to grow. No disrespect to Spurs but they were hardly going to set the
world alight in the past 2 seasons. Berba was left up front alone, waiting for the kind of service
he needs to score. Given Spurs
erratic form week by week it must
have been frustrating for him. When
your team mates are simply not in
the same class as you, then it would
drive you to insanity.

Despite not getting the service he
requires, he has still scored 23 goals
in the past two seasons and 11 assists
last year. In a team that scored just
66% of the goals United did !!!

Put him in a rampant United team, tearing up the pitch scaring the opposition half to
death and spraying the ball all over the pitch and Berbatov will be in heaven !!
He'll think he has died and been despatched to paradise. With feeling like this
flowing through the team as it does every year, Berba will have no need to be
stressed and go off sulking.

Lou Macari, talking to The Sun this week made some very good observations. I've
robbed the quotes off The Sun, in true Scouse fashion and now I have accredited
them with these quotes I'm sure they'll be cool.

Macari observed that Dimitar Berbatov will not disrupt dressing room harmony at United when
he becomes the Reds' only summer newcomer. The European and Premier League champions
pride themselves on team spirit. It has always been the cornerstone to the 18-year success
story Sir Alex Ferguson has forged since his first trophy in 1990.

Last summer Owen Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson and Carlos Tevez were integrated into the
senior squad family and the accord saw United to the double. But Tottenham's Bulgarian hitman
has a reputation as a sulker. Berbatov has allegedly been moody at White Hart Lane whilst the
controversial switch to Old Trafford see-sawed. But if United can land Fergie's only major
summer target then ex-Red Lou Macari is convinced Berbatov will slip smoothly into the squad

"He won't disrupt things with Sir Alex Ferguson in charge, nor will the long-servers
like Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes allow it. They wouldn't stand for
anything that would cause problems to one of the foundations of United's success. I
don't think Berbatov himself would come in with anything other than full commitment
and a desire to get to the very top. He has gone stale at Spurs but this is his big
chance and probably his last chance at a major opportunity like this. He's not
going to put that on the line. He won't get another chance to be a top player at
a massive club so he'll knuckle down and go along with whatever it is that makes United tick."

Macari believes, however, the 27-year-old will arrive with a burden of expectancy.

"It will be a huge fee that brings him to Old Trafford and there will be a lot of anticipation. He's
got to deliver. The price will be big and people will question it, but I think he will relish the
chance to show he is worth every penny. He doesn't look the kind who would let anything faze

Macari doesn't believe United's lack of transfer activity suggests the Reds won't be challenging

"I don't think Sir Alex Ferguson would have been biting his nails about cover at full back or
central defence or in midfield, but there may have been concerns about lack of firepower. If
Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez stay fit and you get Cristiano Ronaldo back soon then all well
and good. But if Rooney or Tevez is injured early on where do you go ? That would be a

"You can't afford to take that chance so targeting a striker like Berbatov was right and if he does
come then I don't think United need any more than that to show they will be challenging
again."The squad is stronger than 1999 and the one major signing would be enough."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

have you actually watched berba.he skulks around like a black cloud,if he misses the ball he sulks.quite clearly a sulker.a major sulker.