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Friday, 15 August 2008

John Terry - Why Wont He Just Go Away ?

John Terry's Bentley here.
Someone said to me he
has parked it in the wrong
place, I said "No, he hasn't".

It takes a certain degree
of arrogance to just park
your car wherever you
feel like. Some poor dis-
abled person will now
have to park away from
the store and struggle to
get inside. As long as
John Terry is alright
though, it doesn't matter !!

Then again, the nearer he is to the door the better. His
record of staying on his feet is a bit grim after all, lmao. Oooops, he's down again !!

There's only one thing that pisses me off more than John Terry and that's that
fat one, Frank Lampard ! I have a burning ambition to cut off his middle finger
on his left hand. Why ? Every time he scores, which isn't that often if I'm honest,
but when he does he runs off to the crowd kissing his ring. You can kiss my ring
too Frank !!

Anyway, enough of my favourite pastime, that is to say extracting the urine from
those two. I wanted to mention John Terry's announcement that Ronaldo peaked
last season and can't possible be as good again this year. United also apparantly
had the season of their lives and we only just beat Chelsea to the league. We have
no room for improvement, as we have peaked and will now go downhill.

Chelsea, however, were on free fall last season, didn't play at all and yet, they still
ran United real close to the end of the season.

Mr Terry had a little attempt at these mind games two weeks ago and Fergie took
him apart. Now he is saying things like this. It makes me laugh if nothing else.
He should check out the average age of the two squads ... I back the youngsters to
win this season, not the Chelsea Pensioners !!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

terry as entitled to play mind games as much as fergie.granted fergie is the grand master at it.