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Saturday, 23 August 2008

That Was The Summer That Was !!

Summer came and went, seems like the transfer window will be similar
to the summer. It started, then finished and not a lot happened. This
Berbatov nonsense has freaked me out, I would have said here's my
offer, now take it or leave it. Wasting time and so much energy with
that Levy character is just not worth it !!

Some people panic with the strike force we have. We will rely heavily
on Tevez and Rooney, they are the lynch pins for this season. I think
that's OK though. Could you name two other players in the Prem
League that you would rather rest your hopes and dreams on ?
When you need 100% commitment, and the guys run themselves into
the ground, and you ask them for some more, just a little more, they'll
get up, brush themselves down and run some more for you !!! They
are a rare breed these days, players with so much commitment and
loyalty. To have one is lucky but to have two playing alongside each
other is good, very, very good.

Fraizer Campbell played many games last year and scored 15 in 23
games I believe, off the top of my head. So now he has to step up to
the mark and try to make the crossing from reserves to the big time !
It's up to him now, but I have faith in this guy.

Manucho ? I think he's still wondering the streets of Panathinaikos
looking for the railway station. On top of that does he have a work
permit ? Pffftt ... too complicated so yes, we have these three, and
we have to keep the faith. It's not Fergies fault he got no new players.
(Useless Scottish git, lmao)

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