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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Wayne Rooney May Face FA Probe After Badge Kissing Incident

manchester united rooney cristiano ronaldoWayne Rooney faces the threat of a Football Association charge for inciting fans of former club Everton by kissing his Manchester United badge during yesterday's stormy 1-1 draw at Goodison Park. Let's also remember shall we that when called off the bench at Sunderland to warm up, Joey Barton did EXACTLY the same thing to the Sunderland fans who were heckling him, he kissed his Newcastle United badge.

Let's hope the FA, who, let's face it, are a bunch of geriatric wannabes who have never actually achived anything in the game, let's hope they keep things fair and on a level playing field and charge both, or neither of them !!
United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he had immediately substituted Rooney because he feared the England striker would be sent off, but that prompt action may not be enough to save the player from disciplinary action. After enduring an afternoon of abuse from the supporters who once idolised him, Rooney's suspect temperament erupted again in the 69th minute after he was booked by referee Alan Wiley for a foul on Mikel Arteta. When the Everton fans responded with their loudest barracking yet, Rooney responded by kissing the United badge on his shirt. Wiley immediately ran over to speak to Rooney, but Ferguson had seen enough and replaced him with Nani two minutes later. Ferguson said: 'I didn't know why he was booked and I had a fear about the way the referee was behaving. I just didn't think the referee was giving our players proper protection, I saw some bad tackles and it is the referee's job to protect players. The crowd were reacting and I thought he might get sent off, so I had to take him off.'

Everton boss David Moyes remained coy by saying: "I didn't see the incident and it's not my business." But the FA may well take a different attitude when they see footage of the game.....

1 comment:

Ir. hydir said...

rooney do it on purpose (kissing the badge) just to mock the evertonians.

SAF need to take him off to avoid him been red carded.

Anyway, slow game for MU, not like last season where they have passion to knock the ball around and lightning speed counter attack.