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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo Worries About The Global Economy. Now That Is Funny !!

I must admit I'm a tad worried as to the state of Cristiano Ronaldo's mental state. Either he is on a mission to show the world he has nothing between his ears or he is genuinely stupid. There is another option too actually, he might just be the greediest little git I have ever seen or heard of. The Manchester United star admits he has concerns about the global economy.

Though you would think his multi-million pound contract leaves him immune from the credit crunch, Ronaldo says: "The situation has to worry everyone, yes. We are worried and feel a certain uncertainty (about the future). We talk about it - it is part of our reality - but we believe that things will improve."

By saying he feels a certain uncertainty about his future I presume he is talking about his upcoming new contract and whether he can screw £170,000 per week from United ? Or maybe he actually cares about Me and You and 'Joe The Plumber'. I seriously doubt this though. Don't worry Ronnie, you'll still be pulling in £24,666 EVERY DAY no matter what the financial climate is like, I'm sure you'll muddle through !!! ....Back To Home Page

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