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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Surgery Was The Final Option For Sa(Ha)rgreaves !!

In true Louis Saha style, Owen Hargreaves has taken the rest of the season out to have surgery to his knee. This was the final option for Owen and of course I wish him a speedy recovery. We all know a speedy recovery is possible. Take Sahahahaha himself. After 5 years of being continually injured, even to the point where the very action of getting off the bench crocked him, King Louis is now playing EVERY week and banging in goals left right and centre for Everton !!!

Alex Ferguson said of this matter at a press conference: "I think that we’ve exhausted every other way of dealing with the situation. We tried to manage it, we sent him to a specialist in Leicester who did injections, where the success rate was very good. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for Owen in the sense that he was still continually feeling great pain in his kneecaps and we had to look at the next stage and that was to send him to a specialist for an operation."

Sir Alex also revealed that the Canadian-born England international will spend a portion of his recuperation in his homeland after completing the second instalment of a two-part process.

"He’ll get his second operation done and he’ll get a break back home in Canada for a little spell, it’s gone well. These operations aren’t always completely successful, but the surgeon’s very pleased with it. We had a physiotherapist there - John Davin - and he was pleased with the operation, so hopefully he comes back next season a new player." Perhaps we should sell him to Everton, no doubt he'll suddenly develop a self recuperation miracle a la Sahahaha !! Phewwwwww, I have to chill out this morning, already I have had a go at Ronnie and OH, sorry guys !! .....Back To Home Page.....

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