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Thursday, 20 November 2008

England Win But Who Cares, Let's All Slate Berbatov !!

manchester united berbatov unitedThe British media should be congratulated on the way they get a hold of something special, someone with talent and someone who can light up The Premier League and then proceed to strangle the life out of them. They bombard them with constant abuse and accusations, they look for the worst in EVERYTHING any player ever does and it continues relentlessly until finally the player gets pissed off and leaves for Europe. Then they complain about players with no commitment and no loyalty !! They do the same with the English national team. It only took the fans 38 minutes into Capello's very first game in charge for the booing to start !!

I read some rubbish on some site called Footylatest this morning and it made me laugh to be honest: I quote........"Dimitar Berbatov of Man Utd has again thrown his dummy out of his pram and this time has threatened to never play for his country again. Berbatov who sulked his way to a transfer out of Tottenham has decided that it is a policy that works for him and he will it seems continue with this strategy to get his own way or make a point. Berbatov has been blamed by his countrymen for Bulgaria’s drop in form and the 6-1 loss to Serbia has made the fans even angrier with the stars that play for Bulgaria in particular Berbatov, you can hardly blame them, cannot be easy to get stuffed 6-1 when you have players on the field valued at £30 million alone. One cannot help feel that if Berbatov is dropped at Man Utd or things go pear shaped that he will then again take up the sulking that has worked so well for him to date and make for a move to say Real Madrid. Once the character has been exposed there is no putting it back in the box."

Most amusing. England beat Germany last night which is a magnificent achievement and what do these "Footylatest" clowns choose to report on ? Some garbled nonsense on their psychiatric assessment of Dimitar Berbatov. Another example of how the media search for failure. They expect to fail, then they fail and then they complain because they failed, LMAO. I loved the comment "when you have players on the field valued at £30 million alone". Berbatov cost £30m the rest of the team between them are not worth that much !! Like I said, it's all deranged jibber jabber some people write these days !!! .....Back To Home Page.....

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