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Sunday, 23 November 2008

How Can Tevez Possibly Stay Now ?

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Carlos Tevez has clearly been relegated to 4th choice at Manchester United so is it really worth Manchester United spending £30 million on making his move permanent ? After starting just one of the last six Premier League games he is clearly fourth in the striking pecking order behind Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Dimitar Berbatov.

The deal to turn his loan into a £30million permanent move was supposed to have been completed by now but so far all we have heard is excuses after excuse from Fergie about how the cash is available but the deal will be done in December, January, February etc etc. If they reached the summer and said "No thanks" it would not be a big surprise to any of us really.

While his penalty finally ended QPR’s resistance in the recent Carling Cup game, his all-round play hardly suggested he was grasping this opportunity with both hands. His finishing was awful, which is why United needed a late penalty to sink the Championship outfit and make it to the Carling Cup quarter-finals.

Right now Alex Ferguson has been linked with bids for Karim Benzema. He has also mentioned the possibility of recalling Frazier Campbell from Spurs in the January transfer window and we have Danny Welbeck impressing everyone too. Add to this the talk of the buy back clause for Guisseppe Rossi from Villareal and to me it seems Fergie isn't placing much emphasis on a United future for Tevez.

Alex Ferguson has spent big, big money to get his team back to the top - £29 million on Wayne Rooney, £32 for million Dimitar Berbatov, £19 million on Anderson, £29 million on Rio Ferdinand, the list goes on. With all these expensive signings some might argue what is one more? But with the credit crunch biting even Chelsea, Manchester United will need to make cutbacks. Can they really justify spending £30 million on a 4th choice striker ? That puts them in the leagues of Chelsea in terms of profligacy – so will the fans appreciate the success as much when it has clearly been bought ? .....
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1 comment:

Hamish said...

Tevez is a great player, he needs the opportunity to play as much as possible. His talent is stifled when he comes off the bench, and I fear that if he doesn't get regular starts in the future, he will become disillusioned at Old Trafford. Obviously he's got some stiff competition for a start - but he's definately good enough to be considered for each game.

As for talk of Karim Benzema joining Man Utd, it's just pure speculation. The brilliant young talent has the price tag to match...Rumoured to be around 100 million Euro's as a minimum release fee. Uneconomically viable, and a huge risk in times like this...