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Friday, 28 November 2008

Manchester City And Their Annual One Match Sell Out

manchester united eastlands city unitedI woke up this morning at 4am having gone to bed too early and no one was around so boredom set in and I had a quick look at the Manchester City Official Club Site. The new City badge (left) is impressive, I love the logo underneath. This City site does make me laugh and cheers me up no end. How happy are they right now, it's their once annually 'sell out', the game with Manchester United has SOLD OUT!

They have dedicated a whole page to tell the world the 47,000 tickets are now all gone, unless you want to shell out an arm and a leg to sit in the 'Council House' or 'Wastelands' (as United fans affectionately know Eastlands by) Hospitality Area.

I quote:

The Club's Box Office has confirmed that Sunday's Barclays Premier League clash with Manchester United at the City of Manchester Stadium has now sold out.

The only chance for those without tickets to see the eagerly awaited fixture against our near neighbours is to take advantage of the few remaining hospitality places left -

The Box Office has advised everyone attending the derby on Sunday that on the day the Club DO NOT:

• Upgrade tickets
• Duplicate tickets for home or away supporters
• Reprint Season/City/L4C/Accesscards if lost, stolen or forgotten.
• Open Box Office South
• Open Box Office post match

Hurrah for Al-City, the massive club. This is the annual 'sell-out' the only time they ever run out of tickets somanchester united cristiano ronaldo we should all be impressed with them. Of course it could happen again, I know this, I'm not too naive to acknowledge it..........they might draw United in the FA Cup you see.

I wont mention the fact that Manchester United sell 76,000 tickets week in week out every season as that would seem like I am boasting. Ooooops I said it.

The Hospitality suites are a treat to saviour at Wastelands, here we see one of the waitresses having a smoke break, they have them regularly so they can run down and feed their kids and change their nappies whenever they get a minute to spare. Most work cash-in-hand and any tips will be gratefully received. It is advisable to tip them as they have been known to wrestle customers to the floor in their pursuit of suitable tipping.

It is also advisable to try the traditional 'Wastelands menu, reflecting the meals thmanchester united manchester cityese people have been eating for years. It's quite cheap, reasonably well presented and very, very nourishing. A particular favourite being the 'Rat Kebab' served on a bed of crispy Iceburg lettuce with a selection of dips and chutneys. Chips are optional.

Watch out for those rat teeth, they can chip your own teeth and cause havoc with your bowel movements.

Once you have washed your meal down with a nice tin of Carlsberg Special Brew you are taken out and dragged off to see the game. It's a bit nerve racking as you are dragged feet first to the edge of the roof but once you are strapped into place by your beautiful hostess it gets easier to watch the match from up there. The added bonus of course is the half time entertainment. From up on high you can piss on the City fans below which is fun, fun, fun. Roll on Derby Day, I can't wait......Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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