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Friday, 28 November 2008

Michel Platini Plans To Stop Debt And Child Trafficking

manchester united michel platini cristiano ronaldoI've written before about Michel Platini and his rather bizarre ideas on how he intends to 'improve' the game. To me it sounds more like his 'plan to stop English clubs dominating Europe'. But we all have our own opinions I guess.

The UEFA president did have the grace to say he has no plans to interfere with the domestic league set ups which is amusing, as he has no powers to do so and it is not part of his jurisdiction, but thanks for that anyway Michel.

Platini is complaining about the financial set ups at clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, surprise, surprise. If Platini gets his way it would mean the 'Big Four', who regularly qualify for the Champions Leagues, having to satisfy UEFA rules on debts and even how much they spend on wages. The Premier League are fiercely opposing the proposals.

Platini said: "What UEFA can do - and we are thinking seriously about doing it - is to reinforce and improve our system for granting licences for our own club competitions. 'It is in this way that we wish to contribute to financial fair play, and start responding to the expectations of the various parties involved in our sport. Fiscal rules in Europe are extremely diverse...and the systems of licensing, control and financial management of football clubs involve myriad concepts and different regulations. UEFA is not going to charge itself with the task of harmonising European fiscal issues. UEFA is not going to impose its licensing system on national associations for their own competitions."

Platini has also shown a desire to ban the tansfer of players under the age of 18 within the EU. The Premier League also opposes the latter proposal. He's as good as calling these transfers 'Child Trafficking' which is absolutely ludicrous!

Platini said: "Today, in the world and in Europe, there is trafficking of children. I will not mince my words because the situation is serious. What else do you call a phenomenon whereby children aged 12 or 13 are torn away from their environment and culture to join a business in return for payment? This is what is happening in football. Together with FIFA, we are studying remedies, but measures can already be taken to ban the international transfer of minors, even within the European Union. In numerous European states, strict rules exist which prevent clubs - on threat of sporting sanctions - poaching young players - from their rivals' training centres. However, these rules do not exist at European Union level. It is in this context that we would like to be able to ban international transfers of players under the age of 18 within the EU. This is not to create an obstacle to the free movement of labour - it is an urgent matter relating to helping youngsters in danger."

So if a youngster aged 13 from my country, Romania, who has dreamed of being a footballer since he was 4 or 5 years old and has worked so hard practising and developing his skills is then told his career must go on hold for 5 years until he is 18, this will make it better for everyone involved I guess. No child is 'torn away from their family'. When handling these very young, potential future superstars, I am sure Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and every other team handles it in a very caring manner and offers assistance for families to be with the young boys if and when they become part of the Academy.

Some of these children grow up in extreme poverty, Dimitar Berbatov is a very good example of this. His one and only chance of wealth and a good life was to go down the footballing route and he made it, against all the odds he actually made it. Now Berbatov gives back a great deal to his country by means of helping orphanages and setting up football schools using his own cash.

Mr Platini, I suggest you go and ask Dimitar Berbatov if he felt he was trafficked and torn away from his family and you will hear the truth. Don't try and take away the one chance these kids have of fame and fortune, just to stop English clubs dominating Europe......again!.....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share


inside World Soccer said...

Passing by here.. I see you're a genuine United fans :)

The Gay Girls Guide / Leanne Hurley said...

Platini continues to insult all on a regular basis. How dare he compare the signing of under-18 players to a professional football club where they will be given accomodation, all they desire and more besides to the horror faced by the real trafficked children who face regular abuse, starvation and death. When he gained the position I was quite optimistic, but it is clear to see he is as mad as Blatter. He should resign now before you ruins the reputation of football even further! (great blog by the way, and I don't often say that about anything Man U related lol :) )