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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dimitar Berbatov More Than Happy At Manchester United

manchester united blog dimitar berbatov happyDimitar Berbatov has told MUTV that he is loving life at Manchester United as they continue their fight for silverware on four fronts.

Sir Alex Ferguson Ferguson smashed the United club record by spending £30.75million on the Bulgarian in the last seconds of transfer deadline day.

Despite some initial doubts among United fans, some of which still linger, Berbatov is clearly a class act, with Ferguson believing he can inject the magic touch that can see his side become back-to-back-to back Premier League title winners or the first club to record successive Champions League triumphs.

Berbatov has a clear vision of what he wants too.

"People talk about the north and the south but I don't make comparisons like that, I am just interested in my football," he told MUTV. People says it is not sunny here and it rains all the time but that doesn't bother me. I like it the way it is. In fact, I like it better here. I am not a guy who looks for places with a lot of people and traffic. London was crazy anyway, so I used to live out of town. Here it is more peaceful. But the city is secondary to the team I play for. Now I play for the biggest team in the world, so it doesn't matter where I live."

Berbatov appears to have got used to his new team-mates already. The former Tottenham star does not appear to be a particularly gregarious character and, ahead of Sunday's vital Premier League encounter with Chelsea at Old Trafford, the 27-year-old confirmed that while he likes a joke, when the time for training starts, it is a serious business.

"I come into work and enjoy training, then I go home but I just want to go to bed and then start training again, I enjoy sharing jokes. But when we work it is serious. We have very important games ahead of us and we need to prepare for them."

Despite overtures from Manchester City, who tried to hijack Berbatov's move to the north-west with an 11th-hour offer of their own, the striker never entertained the prospect of joining the cash-rich Eastlands outfit. There was only one move he wanted to make. And he couldn't be more delighted with the way it has worked out.

"I am very happy and things are going well, my dream was to come here, now I can see how the biggest stars are working and I can compare and measure myself against the best.".....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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