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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Circus Beckham Due To Roll Into AC Milan, Unless Manchester United........Maybe Not

david beckham circus milan manchester united la galaxyIt seems the "Circus Beckham" is about to go rolling into Milan on a permanenet basis. Once again, Former Manchester United star Beckham has decided he is bored of being at LA Galaxy and wants a move away from them. Forget all the adoring fans he has there, forget the contract he signed, forget about loyalty and commitment, what Beckham wants Beckham does with total disregard for everyone else. Except for Victoria that is, she pulls the strings after all.

This is the guy who abandoned Madrid once he got a sniff of the cash in the USA. The same guy who even tried to pull out of his new contract with Galaxy before he had even been welcomed as a new player, because his England career was faltering. The same guy who has walked out on LA Galaxy no doubt so Victoria can drag her sorry bones down a cat walk twice a year and pout like a goodun at every given opportunity.

He said: "I received offers from English teams and two other Italian sides, but I wanted Milan from the first moment I knew they were interested in me.

"Playing with Kaka, Ronaldinho and Pato is just too good to refuse – I think Kaka is the best in the world. I am trying to learn Italian and this will take time. I think it's important to learn the language and integrate well. But I don't think I will return to the Premier League because the only return I would have liked was Manchester United. I enjoyed 15 great years there and it would be the only team I would play for if I returned home. Manchester United are not one of the teams who contacted me though."

They wont either, forget it Becks. Take your Golden Balls to Milan and let us all carry on laughing at you. You abandon anyone and anything if the price is right. No one player is bigger than United..........remember that word.........I don't know how you say it in Italian but 'United' is not a word to describe your one man show. Go grab the cash and good luck to you. You had your time with United.....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share


gwenyunderpants said...

follow your heart david spice!

gwenyunderpants said...

a dash of beckham spice. Mmm perfect! Like moms!

Anonymous said...

Be a little open minded.

He never wanted to leave United in the first place. I didn't blame Fergie. He made the right choice selling him considering all taht Victoria saga.

But Beckham will always have United in his heart. And he is definitely our legend. I think it would be best if he move back and patch things with Fergie and end his career here. After all, he's Red through and through.