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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Manchester United Are So Proud Of Paul Scholes

paul scholes and wifePaul Scholes is a very unassuming guy, quiet, seemingly timid and a credit to himself and Manchester United. I have often asked people for one example of when he was in the newspapers for anything untoward, or anything that was anything but good. No one has ever come up with anything Scholesy can ever be criticised for. I will never forget an interview he once gave when the interviewer asked him what his life was like as a top player at THE top club. He replied, "I get up, I go to work, I finish work, I shower, I go home". That says it all.

However, there is currently plenty of talking going on about the Salford-born former England international, with Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov hailing the unassuming Scholes' contributions to what could be an almost incredible season for the Red Devils.

Now Sir Alex Ferguson has chosen to add his voice to the praise flowing in Scholes' direction by expressing his pride in the midfielder's continuing excellence.

Scholes scored another one of his trademark 25 yard blistering volleys last night against Fulham.

Talking to the Manchester Evening News Fergie said: "Paul tries that in training every day. He usually tries to hit me, he was fantastic. Some of his switches of play were magnificent. These lads are great examples to young players in how they live their life. They have kept their ambition, which is important. We are delighted with their performance and are so proud to have them here."

Fergie is also hinting that Chelsea's title challenge was finished now, although he has not directly come out and written them off 100%.

"You can never be dead sure, but it is fair to say Chelsea have an uphill fight now, things can happen. We were 12 points clear of Arsenal in 1998 but we got a lot of injuries and lost the league. Now we can cope with it, like we have done in the last few weeks. That is the change at this club. We have such a big squad we can make changes.".....Back To Home Page...Bookmark and Share

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